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Cops Show Up To Find Shoplifter Didn’t Pay For Her Food. That’s When The Tears Started

Theft is motivated by one of two things – greed or need. If someone wants more, more, more for themselves, they may sneak into a store and try to steal it. But sometimes, there are cases when people are in a state of extreme need and have no way to getting the thing that they need to save their life – food, medications, water – and all they can do is resort to stealing.

One woman was caught by New York Police Department officers as she was trying to shoplift from the Whole Foods location in Union Square, Manhattan. Although the police caught the woman in the act, they did something next that brought her to tears – tears of joy.

Because the security team at the Union Square Whole Foods found the woman shoplifting, they detained her until three NYPD officers from the Strategic Response Group arrived to check her bags and reprimand her.

However, the cops decided to do something different when the woman told them the reason that she had stolen the food. Because the woman told the cops about how she had simply stolen the food because she had no way to pay for it, the cops did something wonderful that left the woman in tears. The NYPD officers took money from their own pockets and paid for the woman’s food so she would not have to go hungry.

Paul Bozymowski was a witness to the scene. He saw that the woman was being held because she slipped food into her bag that she did not pay for. Although the store called the police to deal with the shoplifting incident, Lt. Sojo and Officers Cuevas and Rivera happened to be at the store shopping for cold drinks. It didn’t take them long to respond to the call.

Bozymowski told the New York Post, “I saw the woman open up her bag, and one of the officers looked in the bag. And (the cop) said, ‘I’ll buy your food.’ Just really simply and plainly.”

Because the woman feared that she was going to be cited or arrested, the good news sent her into a fit of happy tears. She was so relieved that the cops were not trying to lock her up simply because she stole some food because she had no money to pay for it.

“She was just overwhelmed with gratitude for these officers,” the witness added.

That’s when the cops brought the woman to the customer service counter and paid for her food for her.

Because the incident occurred on July Fourth, Bozymowski praised the police officers for proving that there are good people guarding the city’s streets. He said that the police officer’s patriotic spirit and generosity was the perfect cherry on top of a good Fourth of July.

“It was nice to be able to witness a genuine act of kindness,” he said.

After the incident went viral, Police Chief Terence Monahan capitalized on the good publicity with a tweet.

“Cops like Lt. Sojo and Officers Cuevas and Rivera of the Strategic Response Group are the kind-hearted cops who quietly do good deeds for New Yorkers in need. My thanks to (Bozymowski) for highlighting the often unnoticed.”

What do you think about this good deed?

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