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Couple Adopts Triplets. Soon After They Got A Call From The Hospital That Shook Them To Their Core

Sarah and Andy Justice would admit it themselves – they were desperate to have a family of their own. They’d tried in vain many times before and were starting to get older. They really wanted to have children before they reached middle age. Despite doing everything within their power for Sarah to get pregnant, it just was not working for them – and so they turned to IVF.

However, IVF was far too costly for this humble couple. They didn’t want to shell out the thousands of dollars for a procedure that, for Sarah, had a low success rate giving the troubling concerns the doctors had already laid out for them. That’s when they decided that the best way for them to have a large family was to adopt – so adopt they did.

When the couple was matched with a pregnant woman, they began the adoption process. Sarah and Andy lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and were so pleased that their adoption plans were proceeding perfectly. The woman they met through the adoption agency was eager to put her baby up for adoption after birth, and Andy and Sarah were ready to travel to her to pick up the babies following the completion of the paperwork. Both parties were committed. It was a best-case scenario.

Then things changed. The woman discovered that she was pregnant not with just one baby as Sarah and Andy had thought, but triplets. While this might have been a deal breaker for some couples, Sarah and Andy were thrilled. They always wanted a large family and decided that God was just making up for the lost time by giving them all three babies at once.

Two months earlier than planned, the woman went into labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section to save the babies. That’s when Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth came into the world. All weighed only three pounds and were in severe danger unless they got state-of-the-art care. Thankfully, the babies were rushed to the hospital’s NICU and had their progress monitored every step of the way.

A week after the triplets were born, Sarah started feeling “strange.” She told Andy she was just getting a cold or something, but when the symptoms did not go away, she scheduled an appointment with her doctor. Thinking it was probably the stress of adopting triplets, she was not expecting. Then the doctor told her the news.

She was pregnant! It was a dream come true for Andy and Sarah. They were having a baby of their own.

When the time came for her 20-week checkup, Sarah was eager to know whether she had a baby girl or boy growing inside her. When the ultrasound technician took a close look at the little one to identify its sex, they had a strange look on their face.

Then she learned that her fate had come running into her life full force.

Sarah called Andy to tell him the news.

“One is a boy,” she said.

“One?” he said dumbfounded. As it turned out, Sarah was pregnant with twins.

The went from having no babies to having five in just about nine months.

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