Couple Adopts Two Sets Of Young Twins. Then They Learn The Truth That Nobody Expected. : AWM

Couple Adopts Two Sets Of Young Twins. Then They Learn The Truth That Nobody Expected.

Craig and Carrie Kosinski were just newlyweds when an old friend reached out to them with a complicated problem. The humble friend knew that she wouldn’t be able to take care of her baby twin girls, so she asked for their help. The Kosinski’s agreed to take the children on a trial basis at first, but once they got to know the babies they knew it was for good.

They always wanted to have many children, so the adjustment wasn’t as much of a shock as it could have been. But after a year of raising these beautiful baby girls, the biological mother reached out with another problem. She was looking for the Kosinski’s to solve it, once again.

The mother apparently had become pregnant and given birth to not just one more child, but two. In a rare event, both of her pregnancies resulted in twins being born.

She was struggling to make ends meet, so she asked if the Kosinski’s could help her out by taking care of these two babies as well. Considering they were already parents to her other children, they easily could have said no.

In fact, the Kosinskis were in the middle of trying to get pregnant with their own biological child – making the decision a very difficult one.

“It was a difficult decision. We were trying to get pregnant ourselves. But they were siblings so that was definitely part of our consideration,” Carrie told The Journal Times. “We wanted to keep the siblings together.”

So they did the honorable thing and once again saved the day for these poor abandoned kids. They officially adopted the two other children soon after, and the siblings were finally reunited.

A week or two after the adoptions went through, Carrie started to feel sick in the mornings and unsteady at times. A quick trip to the doctor revealed another surprise – a pregnancy of their own!

Although they were initially stunned, the Kosinskis couldn’t be happier to share all their love with such a large family. In a coincidental twist of fate, they ended up having twins as well. So now there are three sets of twins in the house and it has to be pretty crazy!

Rest assured, these kids will be well taken care of. Although the financial aspect has put some strain on their family, support has been pouring in through their AdoptTogether page. It was an incredibly kind act for this married couple to adopt not one but four of their friend’s kids – but they need help if they are going to give these kids the support they need.

There was one more coincidence to this story that is almost impossible to believe. Somehow, all six of their kids were born on February 28, which is now a very lucky day for the family! It’s also a sign that this was all meant to be, according to Craig.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and sometimes you need to make sacrifices to help out the people around you in need. What do you do to serve your loved ones and your community?