Couple Argued Over Who Should Keep The Dog. Judge Judy Lets The Dog Run Free To See True Owner : AWM

Couple Argued Over Who Should Keep The Dog. Judge Judy Lets The Dog Run Free To See True Owner

Many dog owners consider the pet their best friend, or like a member of their family. They treat them just like another child, loving them unconditionally and always wanting what’s best. Once you form that bond with a dog, it can be very damaging for both parties to have it separated. For one man, it led him to the courtroom of Judge Judy Sheindlin!

The 2012 episode of Judge Judy featured a beautiful little puppy named Baby Boy. The man has said that Baby Boy was his originally. The dog was taken from him and sold without his knowledge to the other party.

The woman told Judge Judy that she legally purchased the dog and even tried to pull out some paperwork to prove it. She said she bought the dog from someone on the street, who sold Baby Boy to her for $50.

Judge Judy gets paid the big bucks to sort through all the evidence and figure out tough cases like this. While the woman had paperwork, the man wouldn’t have come to court just to lie about owning a random dog.

Judy couldn’t make a decision for the longest time. She allowed both parties to present evidence, before eventually asking for the dog in question to be brought out in front of her.

This clip may have been filmed back in 2012, but it remains just as cute and relevant today. It has gone viral several times since then because everybody loves Baby Boy!

The man was the one to file suit with Judge Judy and she brought the two of them together. He showed her photos with the dog, and documents to counter the opposing evidence. So it was up to Judy to make the difficult decision, and yet she still couldn’t do it.

She decided the only right thing to do was to allow the dog to choose his own master. If the dog was indeed, “Baby Boy,” then he rightfully belonged to the man. But if the dog went straight to the woman, it would be safe to assume that it was really her dog all along.

“Madam, listen to me carefully. Put the dog down,” she told the woman.

It was Baby Boy’s time to shine and he didn’t waste a second of it. He ran straight to his true owner, the man and began jumping up and down on him. The woman looked heartbroken as she watched the touching reunion. Hopefully, she can find a new dog – one that isn’t stolen.

The man’s eyes filled with tears when he finally got to hug his little puppy again. Judy concluded that the evidence was clear and ordered the man to take his poor dog home.

While Judge Judy isn’t the best example of a judge, she still plays an important role in these people’s lives. Without her help, this poor man would have been without his little puppy. Thankfully, we have law and order in America so in the end, it usually works out.

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