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Couple Finds Feces In Crust Of National Pizza Chain Order

There have been many gut-wrenching discoveries in the food industry, from how food is served behind the scenes to sickening things found in fast food meals. A Little Caesars in Indianapolis is the most recent restaurant that is under heavy criticism, and for good reason, considering rodent feces were found baked into the crust of their pizza.

Johnathan McNeil and his girlfriend had just bought the pizza from the restaurant and as they were driving home, his girlfriend saw something that was far from appetizing.

“She looked at the pizza and realized there was like doo-doo-looking stuff on the pizza,” said McNeil, who immediately turned the car around and drove them back to the restaurant for an explanation. He said that all the employees that had been working claimed that they didn’t know what the mystery pellets were.

“All of them were looking at my pizza dumbfounded as if they didn’t know what’s going on,” he said.

McNeil told them that he thought it was mouse feces at the bottom of his pizza before he called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The officer he spoke with recommended that he contact the Marion County Health Department.

As soon as the health inspector arrived, the restaurant closed and an emergency inspection was conducted. The health department confirmed McNeil’s assumptions about feces being baked into the crust.

“We did find that there were rodent droppings and violations that warranted us doing a license suspension,” said Janelle Kaufman with the Marion County Health Department.

Evidently, this particular Little Caesars restaurant has a history of mouse issues, and had been cited four times since last summer for mice-related issues, however; it had never been closed as a result. It was given an all clear in October after it had been issued seven violations in 2017 alone. The restaurant was finally closed after this incident and the franchise owner was told to make some major changes before it could be reopened.

“I just want people to check their food and be very cautious about what they’re eating,” said McNeil, who doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through what he and his girlfriend did.

After a follow-up inspection, the Indianapolis restaurant was re-opened on Wednesday morning.

“They cooperated with us, they worked with us…they cleaned everything they needed to,” said Kaufman.

This is certainly not the first fast food incident, as there have been several other cases where repulsive things were found in meals. One Taco Bell customer found actual human blood in their meal. Evidently, the worker had been bleeding while preparing the food. In another cringe-worthy case, a syringe was found in a Burger King Breakfast sandwich. Definitely not the kind of meal that most people want to consume first thing in the morning, or any other part of the day for that matter.

Mice have a tendency to make appearances in fast food, and a fried mouse was found in a piece of Popeye’s Chicken. And when workers aren’t careful, they lose their own body parts in the food, like when a McDonald’s worker left behind her nail in a burger.