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Couple Is Giving Away Their Farmhouse For Free This Christmas, But There’s One Catch

If you want a 100-year-old, four-bedroom farmhouse for Christmas, this Iowa couple is giving one away for free. All you have to do is come and take it off their land.

For years, Roger and Linda Dolecheck have been trying to give away their four-bedroom property in Ringgold County in Iowa for years. But no one has been willing to do the work to dismantle it and then rebuild it somewhere else. Now that the story has gone viral, someone might find use in it after all.

Roger and Linda have done as much work as they could to prepare their generous Christmas gift. It has been cleared of all furniture, and they’ve put the house on Craigslist and offered it up for free.

About two dozen people have called in with questions. They’re curious and said they are potential customers, people who are always on the lookout for a bargain.

And what could be a better deal than a free, 100-year-old farmhouse for Christmas?

Before they planned to give away the house, the Iowa couple was going to move it to another piece of land locally. But as you can imagine, the cost was astronomical. Now they’re trying to get someone to pay the cost, and in exchange, they get a free four-bedroom house.

The house is reportedly worth about $52,700. It has two-and-a-half floors and four bedrooms. It is very nice looking and is available to you as a Christmas gift if you’re willing to do the back-breaking work of hauling it off the couple’s property.

The couple wants to get rid of the house because they built a newer and better home just a few hundred yards from this old one.

The home was built in the early 1900s. And people are interested, so give them a call today if you want to snatch this free house for Christmas.

The Craigslist listing reads: “This house is free if you move it Beautiful house with new windows and repairs. Will be torn down this winter. Would like to save it.”

Roger and Linda grew up in town. They purchased the house in 1984 and raised their family there. Now they’re looking to get rid of it as they’ve built a new place a few hundred yards away on the same property.

“We just want it moved. We raised four children in it, and it was kind of fun. We had a blast in it,” he told USA Today. “I would still love to have somebody move it and live in it. I’ve even offered here lately to move it to some of my lands or help find some land.”

Although the house looks nice, Roger admits it needs lots of repairs. That, along with the massive expensive of moving it has made it nearly impossible to find an interested person to haul it off their land for free.

Over the years, Roger has invested thousands of dollars into repairs and work in the house, just like most other homeowners. He hopes that someone will take it off his hands, so it doesn’t have to be demolished. But with all the work that is required, it could be harder to give away the house for free this Christmas.