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Couple Was Told They Were Adopting A Small Breed Puppy, Then He Just Kept Growing

Dogs, and other pets, are a member of the family. When you have someone in your home who is not necessarily a dog person, you will surely do everything in your power to change their mind and bring them over to the side of wet noses and wagging tails. In some cases, you might have to stretch the truth just a little so that you can bring that puppy home. You know that the rest of the family is going to love the little guy or gal as much as you once they get to know them.

This was a situation that Sue Markham found herself in. She wanted to head to a local shelter and adopt one of the dogs who needed a loving home. However, her husband was not too keen on the idea of having a dog in the home. Sue was persistent, however, and was determined to bring man’s best friend into their home. So, she informed her husband that they were adopting a dog and that the one that she was bringing home was a Jack Russel puppy.

Her husband was not wanting a new dog and the new puppy that Sue wanted happened to be one of the largest dog breeds. Yogi, what they named the new dog, was not a fresh-eyed Jack Russel puppy, however. He happened to be a Boston Great Dane, but Sue’s husband, Robert, was completely unaware of the breed that he would soon be sharing a home with.

When the dog was larger than the breed he expected, Robert knew that something was a bit off. Sue eventually came clean and by the time that she did, Robert had fallen in love with Yogi despite the dog being considerably larger than he expected.

Yogi is simply a large breed and he happens to be on the larger side of what you would expect with his breed. On average, you would expect a Boston Great Dane to weigh about 135 pounds. Yogi came in at a stunning 200 pounds, so he was bigger than the average adult male. When standing up straight, he was also tall enough to play in the NBA.

Robert said that he assumed that such a big dog would be a lot of trouble and work, especially since their home is not very big. Robert did think that Yogi was a different breed when Sue brought him home as a puppy, but as the months passed and Yogi grew larger and larger, he figured out the truth.

Now the dog is bigger than both Sue and Robert, but they are so in love with him that this does not even matter. Now, Yogi is nine years old and is definitely a member of the family. Of course, it costs more than $200 a month to feed the big guy, but they are fine with this. They even make sure that he has a healthy breakfast of sausage and eggs every morning that they all enjoy while spending time watching television together.