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Critics Are Attacking These Moms After They Uploaded These “Honest” Photos

Every mom knows that being a mom is nothing like it is in the movies. And just the same, it is nothing like what the celebrities would have you believe from the photos and videos on their Instagram and Snapchat feeds. Instead, being a new mom is extremely tough – emotionally, and physically. And while the baby is very needy on mom’s time and attention, her body has just gone through an extreme effort pushing life out into the world.

When a group of friends from Arizona decided to pose together to show off their postpartum bodies, they received hundreds of hate messages criticizing them for not dieting and losing the baby weight before sharing their photos online.

Because Bethanie Garcia and her friends Katie, Meg, and Desiree wanted to show off the diversity of their bodies with a “postpartum picture,” they shared the truth about their post-baby bods and were shocked to receive so much hate mail. That’s why Garcia has led the charge to issue a rebuke to the internet trolls who tried to make the moms feel bad about their bodies.

In the controversial “postpartum photo,” the four moms show off their diverse body types as “just a reminder from a few of my favorite powerful women on the internet” that everyone looks different, and that is okay.

After the photo got shared on fifteen different Instagram accounts, it quickly became the target of a lot of hate from internet trolls. People wrote some horrible and hateful comments.

The initial idea for the photo came after Meg, one of the most pictured, started a hashtag that gained traction on social media called “#This_Is_Postpartum,” the intention of which was to showcase how every female body is different postpartum.

“She asked Katie, Desiree and I to help her with it and since then, we’ve collaborated on six-plus projects together, ranging from body image to mental health,” Bethanie said. “Our hope in taking the photo was that it would reach women who didn’t feel that their body types were represented in media. If it helped even ONE woman, we would be grateful and happy. And it did.”

Although the photo inspired some moms, the group got more than 2,000 messages poisoned with hate.

“Is this an advertisement for why women should get tummy tucks?” one vile commenter wrote.

“How about dieting?” wrote another.

“Why aren’t there any fit women in this photo? Not every postpartum body is fat and loose.”

After the moms saw how much hate they garnered for the simple photo, the moms got together and wrote the following response:

“What’s ever louder than all the haters and trolls, is the women who have said, ‘finally, a body that looks like mine’ or ‘this photo saved me’ or ‘I struggle with my body image, and this made me feel so much less alone.’ Those comments are messages (that) make it all worth it!”

Despite the criticism, the moms saw the positive in what they did and reminded themselves that they did help some women.

What do you think about their choice to reveal their postpartum bodies?

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