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Critics Are Attacking This Lawyer For The Racy Outfit She Wore To Court

In Brazil, a newly elected lawmaker shook things up when she wore a sexy, red outfit to her swearing-in ceremony. State Representative Ana Paula da Silva showed up to court in a tight red suit with a plunging neckline that revealed ample cleavage. Because she wore the outfit to her official oath of office ceremony, people were outraged that it looked like she was dressed to go to a club or take a walk down a red carpet.

Although the outfit Representative da Silva wore to her oath of office ceremony might have been somewhat inappropriate, the response that she received online was far worse. People blasted her Instagram page with threats of rape and murder because she wore an outfit that was too sexy in the opinion of others.

State Rep. Ana Paula da Silva is no stranger to politics. She previously served two terms as the mayor of Bombinhas, a coastal city in Brazil. She is a mother of two and dedicated to her job.

However, the public was outraged as they saw the outfit the 43-year-old wore to be sworn into her new office. The ceremony occurred on February 1 and showcased da Silva’s breasts, which outraged many men throughout Brazil.

Although people attacked her and threatened to rape her because she wore a tight outfit, she refused to apologize for the way she looked. Instead, she struck back at her haters saying:

“I thought people were going to talk about (the) red (outfit), but they just focused on my cleavage. Women have breasts, and I have big breasts,” the successful politician stated. “I’ve always been like that. It’s not now that I have become (a representative) that I will become another woman. I’m not there to be evaluated for that. The way I dress is my problem.”

Brazil has struggled with gender equality issues for a long time. Men dominate most positions of power and enact a lot of violence and hatred toward women who are trying to assert their rights.

State Representative Ana Paula da Silva added, “Women are in politics and society has to get used to them as they are. There are more important issues for the Legislative Assembly to discuss (than fashion choices).”

Despite the truth of her statements, the population of Brazil fought back against the way she looked. Her Instagram was swamped with sexist and threatening comments. The hypocrisy of her critics was obvious because Brazil is also known for its skimpy swimsuits and outrageous partying during Carnival.

The lawmaker’s political opponents took the opportunity to join her critics and called her outfit, “inappropriate,” “vulgar,” and “shocking.”

The new State Representative’s staff had to work to delete some of the threatening comments from her social media pages. Some men were calling for the female lawmaker to be raped.

“This macho and prejudiced world you live in is not mine,” she wrote in response to a man who asked why her cleavage represented democracy.

She struck back with a pointed observation: “I’ve seen a lot of men in suits and ties taking money out of the health sector, school meals. That’s unacceptable.”

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