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Critics Attack Woman Who Quit Her Job To Stay Home And “Take Care” Of Her Husband

When work got tough for this young Millennial, she decided to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps by quitting work and going to live like a 1950s housewife. The young woman, 30-year-old Katrina Holte, used to work in a busy payroll department of a major company. But when work got too stressful for her, she decided to hang up her work hat and allow her younger husband, Lars, 28, to be the sole provider.

Katrina, who always loved the 1950s lifestyle, now does all the cleaning, cooking, and dress-making around the house. If you step into their home in Hillsborough, Oregon, it’ll be like you stepped back through time. Katrina loves every moment of her lifestyle, even if it does go against the grain of what is considered conventional for 2019.

While Katrina is a housewife just like a woman would have been in the 1950s, she has also transformed her home into an homage of sorts to the era she loves. For example, Katrina wears the style of dress popularized during the decade and even uses a vinyl record player to spin discs belonging to Doris Day.

Because Lars works long hours as an engineering manager, she wants to make sure she holds up her end of the bargain. That’s why her eye is always on the prize when it comes to getting dinner on the table at the appointed hour – no questions asked.

“I feel like I’m living how I always wanted to,” she said. “It’s my dream life, and my husband shares my vision. It is a lot of work. I do tons of dishes, laundry, and ironing, but I love it, and it’s helping to take care of my husband, and that makes me really happy.”

Although their lifestyle is not conventional for our modern times, it makes Katrina so happy, and her husband is just glad that he is able to hold down the fort when it comes to finances.

“My closet is full of 1950s dresses I’ve made myself. I have 1940s-style of furniture in the living room and a traditional bedroom. It’s not like it’s a museum, but I do try and make it as close to the era as I can. I can really feel like I was born in the wrong decade, especially when I look at everything that is happening in the world now. I feel like I belong in a nicer, more old-fashioned time. But I know everything happens for a reason, and it is God’s will that I’m here now.”

While many women fight to have a career of their own, Katrina wants to be a homemaker. It’s the most satisfying thing she could do with her life.

“I agree with old-fashioned values, like being a housewife, taking care of your family, nurturing the people in it and keeping your house in excellent condition, so everyone feels relaxed.”

Katrina started her new life a year ago in September 2018 when she quit her job. When she told her husband that she wanted to be a housewife, he asked when she could start.

“It was a fantastic feeling when I quit,” she said. “I can do what I want to now and run my house as I want to run it. I’m a full-time homemaker.”

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