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Critics Slam Dad For Calling 911 On His Daughter After What He Found In Her Closet

When dad found a batch of magic mushrooms growing inside a terrarium in his daughter’s closet, he did the first thing that came to his mind – he called 911 on his own child. While dad could have had a heart-to-heart conversation with his sixteen-year-old daughter, he decided to get the authorities involved first rather than deal with the complex emotions he was feeling.

Now, dad is having second thoughts. He’s turned to the Am I The A**hole forum on Reddit to ask if he “overreacted” by calling the cops on his teenage daughter. Because dad and his ex-wife caught their teen daughter smoking marijuana several times over the last two years, he snapped when he found her in possession of the psychoactive mushrooms, and he called the cops.

“The last time we caught her, I started drug testing her,’ he wrote. ‘Her mom doesn’t agree with it, but we have caught her so many times now that I think this is the best way to prevent her from doing it.”

He went into his daughter’s room to reset the internet router. That’s when he “found a mushroom cap on black paper hidden underneath her desk.”

He researched it to find it was a “spore print for magic mushrooms.” Dad decided to search her room and found an “entire damn aquarium filled with mushrooms in the back of her closet.”

He added, “Obviously, I am enraged, so I wait for her to get back from school, and I called the police. She was arrested, booked, and released into her mother’s custody. Her mother is p****d, and saying that I may have ruined the kid’s life for no reason, but we have tried to correct her drug abuse several times to no avail, and it has escalated. She now has a court date and can answer to the law since she doesn’t take the rules in my house seriously. I doubt she’ll get more than probation anyway.”

The grandparents are outraged that he called the cops on his child. Now he’s “wondering if I overreacted and would like a more impartial judgment.”

Most people agreed that dad overreacted.

“Getting your child a criminal record over mushrooms is most definitely not going to help her,” one person wrote. “Don’t rely on the criminal justice system to parent your children.”

“There are so many better ways to handle this situation. You could have first figured out why she had the drugs. A lot of teenagers who abuse drugs have underlying issues going on that need to be addressed,” one person suggested.

Someone else added: “This girl needs her dad on her side, helping her understand what these substances do and that she can come to him for help and advice and, oh, I don’t know, some f*****g fatherly love?”

Others agreed the cops needed to get involved.

“I agree with this 100%. Now is the perfect time for her to have a wake-up call since she is still a minor, and this won’t go on her permanent record.”

“It clearly says in the post they have tried to correct her at their level,” another person wrote. “The amount of disrespect for his daughter to grow mushrooms in her father’s home is mind-blowing.”

What do you think was the right thing to do?

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