When an Australian man got made at his lovable dog, he smashed the pooch with a hammer and then locked him in the laundry room. Despite this cruel behavior, the man was able to avoid jail time for the mistreatment of the animal. Instead, the Australian justice system “slammed” the man with fifty hours of community service and four-months intensive corrections, which is required lest the man wants to serve the remainder of the term behind bars.

So long as the animal abuser does not miss his community service hours, he’s a free man. However, the law requires him not to own a pet for at least five years.

However, when you hear the details of this story, you’re going to question the sanity of the judge and the justice system that let this man walk away with just a slap on the wrist. Because the man decided to abuse his dog, Dwayne, with a hammer, he hurt the dog very badly. Among Dwayne’s injuries, some of the worst was the laceration to his tongue and damaged to the dog’s teeth. Based on the location of those injuries, you can surmise that the Australian man was beating the dog in the head with the hammer.

Although the justice system felt that the 33-year-old dog owner did not need jail time, the public felt that the man, who was from Emerton, near Sydney, Australia, should have spent some time behind bars for the cruelty he forced upon Dwayne, the innocent dog.

The abuser chased Dwayne around his backyard in 2018. As he was chasing the dog, the dog owner continued to beat him with the hammer, wreaking havoc on the poor animal and abusing him with as much force as he could muster. Although Dwayne was severely hurt following this particular incident of abuse, the dog owner refused to take Dwayne to the hospital. Only when some Good Samaritan called the people of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) did Dwayne get saved from his fate. He was removed from the man’s home and given the medical treatment he needed to survive.

Neighbors were shocked when they heard the beating at the man’s house. They captured video footage of the man smashing the dog with the hammer, which helped in the court case against him. However, the damning footage was not enough to convince the judge that a psychopath like this man deserves some time behind bars for his cruelty to the animal. Part of the footage shows the man hitting Dwayne with a plank of wood. His weapons were just whatever was closest and most convenient.

When RSPCA saved Dwayne from the man’s home with the help of a locksmith, they brought him to a vet to be treated. Several days later, representatives from the organization returned to the man’s house.

“RSPCA Inspectors returned to the property on November 15, 2018, and cautioned the defendant as he initially denied any wrongdoing.”

What do you think about this Australian judge’s decision to let the animal abuser off easy?

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