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Customer Tells McDonald’s Employee She Forgot Her Wallet, Gets Unexpected Response

A woman was hungry. It was affecting her mood, her ability to think clearly. She knew she had to get something to eat soon or she’d be cranky and fuzzy. So after a long day of work in the horse stables, Aundrea Duncan decided that she needed to eat now, so she pulled into a McDonald’s for a meal. However, once she ordered, Duncan realized that in the heat of her hunger, she had forgotten her wallet.

That’s when an unlikely hero came to her rescue. The man’s name was Jeremiah McDonald-Hemphill, and he did not want to see Duncan go hungry for another second longer. He took out his wallet and paid for the hungry horse worker’s meal with no strings attached.

Duncan, who lives in Reading, Ohio, was so stunned and grateful that Jeremiah would help her like that, especially when he did not have to, she snapped his photo and then wrote a heartfelt tribute of thanks to him on social media. It promptly went viral.

“I ordered my food but realized as I got to the window to pay, I had left my wallet at work,” Duncan wrote.

That’s when she told the “handsome young man,” that she didn’t have the money so he should cancel her order. However, Jeremiah McDonald-Hemphill refused to let the customer go hungry – even if he had to pay for it with his own hard-earned money.

“It’s okay, ma’am. I got you,” Jeremiah said.

Duncan was flabbergasted. She never expected a McDonald’s employee to open his wallet to make sure she did not go hungry.

She wrote, “He then took his wallet out and paid for my meal. What an amazing young man! We hear so much about what’s wrong with the world. I had to share a little what is right.”

In the post, Duncan also shared a photo that she snapped of the generous McDonald’s worker who cannot help but flash a big smile for her.

She added, “I asked him if I could hug him and told him to keep being who he is because he is an amazing person. He didn’t know how tired I was or that I hadn’t eaten or even if he would be repaid, but he didn’t even bat an eye and just acted.”

Because Jeremiah proved that he was a good person, he got the recognition he deserved.

Although Duncan took a few days to post the thank you, she was eager to do it. But she did not want to share his photo online unless she had his permission.

“I wanted his permission, and I wanted to repay him for his kindness,” she wrote.

Because the McDonald’s worker’s act was so generous and selfless, people have shared hundreds of comments in Duncan’s original post.

“What an awesome young man. His mom would be proud.”

“Young people like this gentleman give us hope for the future,” another person wrote.

His mom did reply.

“Thank each and every one of you for the kind words in regards to my son,” Donna McDonald wrote. “To God be the glory.”

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