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Customers Outraged At Pizza Restaurant That Serves “Just The Crust”

A pizza chain has made a disastrous mistake. Not only did they completely misunderstand their customers, but they are also offering something offensive to pizza eaters everywhere. Their new menu items, which promises to be a complete failure, is “just the crusts.” Although everyone knows that the crust is what most people leave on the plate because they don’t like it, the pizza chain, which has proven its ineptitude, believes that it is “everyone’s favorite part of the pizza.”

The out-of-touch restaurant is New Jersey-based company Villa Italian Kitchen. The news about its foolish new menu item was published on Facebook and will begin to be offered on July 18, 2019. Customers are outraged.

If you want to eat carb-loaded pizza crusts and only pizza crusts, then you need to go to Villa Italian Kitchen. But if you want to eat pizza from a pizza company that values the rest of the pizza, you better buy your pizzas somewhere else – somewhere that understands what makes a pizza so good.

The shocking revelation on Facebook was accompanied by an image of pizza crusts in a box. The “Just the Crusts” offering shows six pizza crusts toasted and sprinkled with cheese and a bit of sauce. They’re kind of lick breadsticks but placed in the pizza-sliced shaped box.

The foolish addition to the menu was listed along with the headline “Breaking news.”

“Everyone’s favorite part of the pizza will be available for purchase at participating Villa Italian Kitchens nationwide starting on July 18. Mark your calendars. Our ‘Just the Crust’ dish is almost here!”

While the pizza company can do what they want, the part that outraged customers was how they proclaimed that the crust was “everyone’s favorite part of the pizza.” Few people agreed with this statement.

People were quick to condemn the failing New Jersey pizza shop.

“Crust? The best part of the pizza? In what bizarro world do they live in? I toss the crust outside for the birds to eat! Maybe I should save it and sell it back to this place. That’s just crazy. Who thought this fiasco up?”

Another person wrote, “Everyone’s favorite part of the pizza? Why don’t you open up a shop next door where you only sell the bottom of a cupcake? Don’t limit yourself to just one bad idea.”

Another person wrote out what was obvious: “So breadsticks?”

Although the majority of people were horrified that the New Jersey pizza shop is so out of touch with its customers, a few people thought it was a decent idea.

“Yeah, a good crust is the best part of pizza!”

“My dream just came true!” one super fan wrote.

A third enthusiast shared, “I am on my way over!”

Although the Just The Crust item is a new way to break the mold and differentiate the New Jersey shop from other places, it has been met with a lot of outrage instead of support.

What do you think about this “Just the Crust” menu idea? Do you think the crust is the best part of pizza?

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