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Cute Toddler Mistakes Stranger For Santa. His Next Move Is Going Viral

Not everyone has the Christmas spirit. And when the month of December has come and gone, few people retain that joyful sense of wellbeing that surrounds so many of us around Christmastime. However, one little girl, Sophie Jo Riley, was grocery shopping with her parents in December 2015 when she spotted a man who looked just like Santa Claus, shopping the aisles just like everyone else.

However, Santa Claus was not dressed in his usual getup. While he was wearing red – he had a red button-down shirt on – he did not have his Santa suit. Plus, he was wearing blue jeans instead of his typical red pants. And his boots were nothing like the type Santa Claus needs to go up and down countless chimneys on Christmas Eve.

However, this man certainly had the Santa Claus look – complete with a natural, white beard. That’s why Sophie Jo Riley did what every toddler would do and ran right up to the man, declaring that he was Santa Claus.

Fortunately, the man had plenty of Christmas spirit to go around. He was more than happy to talk Christmas with Sophie Jo Riley and listen to her list of items that she hoped to get under the tree. Not everyone is this sweet to little girls, but this stranger at the grocery store certainly was able to step up to the plate and be the best he could be for her.

Sophie Jo Riley asked him if he was Santa Claus. The man lowered his bulk body to the ground on one knee. He was happy to play along, and dad did not hesitate to take out his phone and record the heartwarming moment.

“Are you getting ready for Christmas?” the stranger asked Sophie Jo Riley. “have you been a good girl this year?”

The little girl nodded her head vigorously. She was super excited for the holidays and had been being extra good – and her dad was more than happy to agree with that assessment.

The man then asked Sophie Jo Riley what she would be putting out for him to eat come Christmas Eve. The little girl got very excited and knew exactly what she and her family were going to do for Santa. They were going to put out cookies and milk so he could chomp on them if he needed a break from all the Christmas gift-giving.

Sophie Jo Riley then had a request for Santa that she hoped he’d be able to honor – unless there were any dietary restrictions. She wanted him to share the cookies and milk with the reindeer if he was able. He promised that he would do that. He wanted to make her wish come true.

This adorable and heartwarming video was filmed in December 2015 and shared to the internet shortly after it was captured. Since that day, it has brought joy to thousands of people, during Christmas time, and offseason. If you love this video and what it means, share it with a loved one today.

What do you think about this clip? Did this man pull off Santa Claus well or what?

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