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Dad Always Called His Youngest Daughter Fat. Until She Exposed Him On National Television

When a young woman named Jill Strasburg appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2005, she was prepared to reveal the truth about her father’s horrible behavior. While on the program, she sat beside her father, Kirk, and proceeded to reveal the things he had said about her throughout her youth and young adulthood. Since that appearance, Jill solidified herself as one of Oprah’s “most memorable guests” after she revealed the truth about Kirk and the rest of the family.

As one of three siblings, Jill never felt like she was treated fairly. She was considered “the fat one” and was constantly ridiculed. At her heaviest, she weighed 302 pounds. And while on Oprah’s talk show, Jill spoke about how Kirk treated her horribly. Because of the way he spoke to her about her weight, he made her feel like trash. Since she was forced to live inside his home and deal with his insensitivity constantly, her self-esteem was constantly reamed and bashed. When she spoke about the issue on Oprah’s show, it was very clear why she felt the way about her upbringing.

In front of the whole country, Kirk did not hesitate to admit that he feels ashamed of his daughter Jill every time they’re out in public together. There is no question that because of the way he reacted to her and treated her, Jill began to hate Kirk for the way he treated her.

After she appeared on Oprah and exposed her father’s atrocious behavior, Jill put her life in danger by undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Since that day, she lost over 160 pounds.

Later, she appeared on Oprah’s talk show again to provide an update to the national audience, and to demand an apology from her father. Jill wanted to feel better about her relationship with the man she loved and was raised by. However, Kirk was a weak man who did not have the capacity to look past his perception of his daughter until he drove her away from him.

Thankfully, Jill met and married “the most incredible man in this world.” His name is David, and he makes her happy. They united their lives in 2009.

Upon David’s urging, Jill underwent therapy. She worked with the medical health professional to help her overcome her negative thoughts and depressive episodes. The therapist helped arm Jill with techniques to deal with her self-esteem issues whenever they arose. As part of her therapy, Jill managed to reestablish a better relationship with Kirk, her father.

On the third update with Oprah, Jill revealed that her relationship with her father was much better. In the wake of her losing one hundred and sixty pounds, Kirk was able to love his daughter again. They established a new relationship, which taught Jill that although he was a terrible person to her throughout her childhood, he did love her and still does. Now she is looking toward the future.

What do you think about the mean way this father treated his “too fat” daughter?

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