Dad Can’t Keep His Composure When Steve Harvey Makes His Daughter’s Wish Come True : AWM

Dad Can’t Keep His Composure When Steve Harvey Makes His Daughter’s Wish Come True

All little kids have their go-to toy, cartoon or movie character that they are smitten with. For some, it’s superheroes, and for others, it’s a certain stuffed animal. For one little girl by the name of Bella, it’s anything involving the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Little did Bella know, she would receive the surprise of a lifetime while on the shot Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey.

In the clip below you can see Bella as she is immersed in a world of Beauty and the Beast. Dressed in Belle’s beautiful yellow gown, Bella can be seen escorted on the stage by a prince and another princess. She spins and waves to the applauding audience before she is swept up by two more princes, who set her down in front of a princess who hands her a rose. Then, Steve Harvey dances on stage alongside the rest of the cast of dancers as Bella looks on with a never-ended smile. She can’t help but giggle at Harvey’s attempt to dance gracefully.

Harvey then sits down on the child-sized sofa next to Bella as she continues to giggle before he launches into an interview with the five-year-old. When Harvey asks Bella why she loves Beauty and the Beast so much, she responds with the following…

“Because Belle teaches the Beast a new lesson.”

The audience is clearly affected by the innocent response and they let out moving gasps.

The look on Bella’s face is priceless when Harvey tells her that her video has received 30 million viewers so far.

The sweetness continues as Bella explains that Belle is her favorite character because she is “nice on the inside and pretty on the outside.”

But the most touching part of the interview is probably when the camera pans over to Bella’s parents and you can see her father trying hard to hold back tears. It’s obvious that he is very proud of the lessons that his little girl has already learned in life.

Bella goes on to sing her favorite song from the movie, as the Harvey helps out with some background vocals and the audience cracks up. It doesn’t take long for Bella to have the whole audience singing the song “Be Our Guest.”

Harvey then tells Bella that she can keep the special Belle dress that she is wearing for the show. And in a moment that is beyond touching, Harvey tells Bella that he is going to send her and her parents to Disneyland. The little girl is in so much shock she holds her hands up to her mouth and is speechless as she looks around.

And to top it off she says…

“That’s my dream come true, that’s all I ever wanted.”

And as if the moment couldn’t get any better, she gets crowned by a group of princesses and princes as they dance around her once again. Little Bella ends the scene by blowing a kiss to Harvey and the audience, who is applauding loudly.