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Dad Catches Babysitter Sleeping On The Job And Decides To Teach Her An Important Lesson

Finding good childcare can be a challenge, but many parents are able to find a reliable babysitter to lend a hand when they have to leave their children at home. For one family, however, their babysitter was found sleeping on the job… and it didn’t sit well with the dad who made the discovery. After all, that’s not exactly what you’re hoping for when you are paying someone to watch your kids!

The dad who caught her snoozing decided to teach her a lesson and some are questioning if he should have gone about it the way he did. Christopher didn’t take the situation lightly, as he and his wife had hired the woman, named Sarah, to watch their children while they were at work.

Upon realizing he left papers at home when he went to work one day, Christopher returned home to retrieve them. He couldn’t believe what he witnessed when he walked through the door: Sarah was totally asleep on the sofa.

Feeling understandably upset, Christopher took photos of Sarah and then took his children with him. Two hours later, Christopher started receiving calls from Sarah who was panicking after she woke up and found the children were gone.

Christopher didn’t take her calls but instead communicated via text, presumably to document what her response to the situation would be. She wanted desperately to speak with him and tried to explain in text messages that she needed Christopher to call her. When he asked if things were ok, she said “no, it’s not, call me.” He then asked: “Are my kids ok? Answer me now,” then texted “Wtf is going on Sarah.”

She responded: “I have no idea what’s going on” and asked him to call her. Then he angrily asked after she said “it’s not a texting matter,” “where are my f**king kids Sarah?”

Sarah replied: “If I knew that I wouldn’t be blowing up your phone!!!” He then asked if she had called the police and she explained that she did. He finally revealed that he took the kids, texting: “I took my f**king kids at 10[am]. Get out of my f**king house! I may be pressing charges on you for neglecting my f**king kids.”

Her response was surprising, as she texted back: “are you kidding me?” It certainly sounded like he wasn’t kidding at all. Christopher was beyond upset at that point, texting her back: “You’re fired and no you will find out real soon if I am joking, on my way to police station now.”

Christopher did attempt to press charges against Sarah but was advised that he couldn’t.

Since that wasn’t a viable option, he shared his story on Facebook, outing her for her negligent behavior while she was supposed to be watching his children.

Many people responded to the way he handled the situation, with some praising him for teaching Sarah a lesson and others believing he may have gone too far in how he handled it.

She tried to file charges against him claiming harassment because of his social media post, to which he stated: “You are as low as low gets, totally irresponsible and I don’t care how many times I get flagged, I will keep posting to FB friends that in no way, shape or form should you be babysitting anyone’s kids.”