A father named August shocked the world after he opened up about his decision to change his adopted son’s name after seven years so his miracle baby could take the name. The dad had been calling the adopted son the name that he wanted to give to his biological son for nearly a decade but did not seem to be bothered that he was giving the name to his biological son instead. Now, the man, August, has opened up about his horrible move on Reddit in the section known as “Am I the A**hole?”

The father claimed that the name he had given his adopted son had “gone back for five generations,” so he wanted to give the name to his biological son after the baby was born. August is a father of two and wanted his legacy to live on through his biological son instead of his adopted son, who has no blood relation.

August had been told by fertility experts that he would “never be able to father kids,” so he and his wife decided to adopt a child in need. They adopted a baby boy from Vietnam who was named Thien at birth. They changed the boy’s name to August VI. But seven years later, the couple found out they were expecting a “miracle baby,” so August decided to strip his adopted son of the name so he could give it to his biological son.

“My name is August V. My name goes back five generations now, and it was always my plan to make my son August VI,” he wrote. “My wife and I were horrified to find out I was essentially firing blanks and was told I would essentially never be able to father kids – heartbreaking. “We started the adoption process right away, looking in mostly foreign countries so it would go faster, and we were able to adopt a baby boy from Vietnam.

“His first name was Thien, but my wife agreed to change his name to August VI. We also agreed we would let nature take its course because miracles can happen. Seven years later, a miracle did happen, and my wife turned up unexpectedly pregnant. I decided with my wife’s agreement that because we now have a bio son, it is better to give the firstborn biological son the family name.”

August explained that although his adopted son was legally named August VI, everyone called him Thien. When they were forced to alert Thein’s school to his name change, they could not stop “word getting out” around town. People thought August and his wife were horrible for stripping Thien of his name.

“We’re now essentially social pariahs and the subject of massive gossip – accusations of not loving Thien enough,” the father wrote. “We’ve heard it all through closed mouth hushed tones. It’s gotten so bad. Am I the a**hole?”

Most people agreed. The father was the a**hole.

“You’re the a**hole. You dragged your kid to a legal proceeding to make sure he knows his place will always be less than your bio son,” one person wrote.