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Dad Films Moment When Mom Gets To Hold Her Preemie For The First Time, Goes Viral (video)

When a couple finds out that they are expecting a baby, it is usually a very happy time, as they are in constant planning mode surrounding the little life that is actively growing inside mom’s belly. But, sometimes there are issues along the way that cause that excitement to turn into fear and worry. Angela and Michael Bakker found out they were having a baby girl and they couldn’t be more thrilled, but Angela ended up giving birth 15 weeks early, resulting in a challenging first few months for both the couple and the new baby, Naomi Joy.

Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology and staff members who truly care, baby Naomi was provided with a safe environment to grow and surrounded by doctors and nurses who tended to her with the utmost concern.

One of the most joyful moments that a mother can experience is when they hold their baby for the very first time. Because Naomi was only 12 ounces when she was born, Angela and Michael weren’t allowed to hold her yet, but it was worth the wait when they had their chance two weeks later.

In the video below, you can witness Angela holding Naomi, who weighed just 12.86 ounces, for the first time. Prior to this, the couple was only allowed to touch her every so often and look at her while she rested in a bubble in the NICU.

Eight staff members at the Renown Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, worked together to transfer Naomi from the bubble to her mom’s chest. With great care, the team gently moved the baby onto Angela’s chest and turned the head so it was facing in the proper direction. They then covered her with blankets to make sure she stayed warm.

Normally, doctors wouldn’t advise a baby who is so small and frail to be held so early on but the doctors at the NICU believe that skin-to-skin contact is one of the most important things that a baby can experience. This is also known as “kangaroo care,” and it is believed to help aid in the growth and development of a preemie baby. While Naomi was only less than a pound, she was in a stable enough condition to be held.

Following this monumental moment, where you can see the joy on Angela’s face, the couple held Naomi every single day for the remaining 128 days that she was in the NICU. Evidently, it worked because Naomi is now a happy and healthy little girl who loves cuddles and kisses.

Commenters shared their happiness for the family…

“She is absolutely precious! So happy to see her looking so healthy now. And that smile – BEAUTIFUL!”

And some couldn’t help but cry…

“I sobbed as soon as that baby was put on your chest! Such a blessing!!”

“This made me cry because it was so beautiful and so is your daughter!”

It’s truly amazing what doctors can do with babies who are born so tiny. Little Naomi was no bigger than her dad’s hand when she was born and now she is a healthy and active little girl.