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Dad Is In Big Trouble After He Hit His Baby For Not Learning To Walk Yet

When an angry father realized that his baby daughter was not standing or walking, he decided to teach her a lesson. The dad, Yousif Alqutai from Saudi Arabia – a country known for its continued human rights abuses against women – decided to slap his tiny little girl because she was still a baby that could not walk or stand. Since Alqutai’s abuses were caught on videotape, the Saudi Arabian police were forced to intervene and have since arrested the abusive father for his cruelty toward the baby.

In the video, which is very violent and cruel, Alqutai is shown slapping his infant daughter because she cannot yet stand. Although the child is struggling to rise to her feet, it is not good enough for the abusive dad. He demands the child to stand and walk, and when she does not do it, he takes his hand to her tiny body and smacks her with all his might.

Alqutai originally comes from Palestine but has moved to Saudi Arabia to escape the persecution of Israel. Despite his country of origin, his abuses are real and cruel. The video footage shows that Alqutai beats the little girl every time her frail legs fail to support her tiny body. Although she is trying as hard as she can to walk, he does not care and beats her senseless, striking her in the face and on her back each time her tiny legs fail her.

Because Alqutai desperately wants his daughter to stand, he grabs her by her neck. Then he dangles her up as if this is helping. While he conducts the abuse against the little baby, she cries out in pain, wailing for someone to come help her. However, the person behind the camera revels in the abuses of the father who takes his hand to his little girl because she has not developed as quickly as he wanted her to.

Alqutai has begged the strict Saudi Arabian government for forgiveness because he claims the video was filmed a long time ago. Because he does not want to be locked away in a Saudi Arabian prison, he has issued a plea for sympathy from the people via an explanation on social media.

“As you can all see now, she is perfectly fine. I tried to teach her to walk and now look by the grace of God. She walks by herself.”

However, most people found his explanation lacking something very important – an apology. Because he should have come forward and regretted his abusive behavior, people want him to be found guilty so he can get the punishment that fits the crime.

Despite his efforts to curb the criticism, the clip of his abuse went viral, and authorities were forced to intervene.

Famed Lebanese actor Nadine Nassib Njeim helped bring awareness to the abuse by retweeting the video along with her words, “Children Protection Associations need to intervene urgently for sure! But honestly, this toddler is damaged in a way or another! The way he hit her on the head. I can’t take her out of my head. What is happening to humanity? It’s insane!”

What’s your reaction to this abuse?

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