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Dad Is Making Baby Giggle, But When He Makes A Sheep Noise I Couldn’t Hold Back Anymore

While hanging out with his infant son, dad decided to do what dads do – make the baby smile and have fun. Not only did he decide to have fun with his baby boy, but he also decided to film the moment so he could show the world just how much fun they have together. When you watch the video, you’ll have to admit that this is a family atmosphere that is going to be great for this baby to grow up in.

With mom behind the camera, she watched as dad worked his magic to get the baby boy to smile and giggle. While he is on the floor with his baby boy, dad’s daughter, the baby’s sister, also joins in on the fun. While many second children do not get as much attention as their older siblings, this baby is getting all eyes on him in this very moment – and that’s what is making him so happy.

In the video, dad gets down on his hands and knees like a frog and crawls up to the baby boy. The tiny child, who has thin blond hair, can’t help but stare at his dad in amazement and awe. Out of nowhere, the baby boy let out a belly laugh that shocked his entire family. They were so enthralled with how it sounded, they will never forget it for the rest of their lives. Since the moment was also captured on video, they have the memory on the internet forever.

It was just so good, the family could not keep it just for themselves. After sharing it with friends and family, they urged mom and dad to upload the video to the internet so people like you and me could watch this adorable family moment as well – and good thing they did. It has since gone viral and provided so much joy for people all over the world.

The baby had such a good time in the video, his laugh sounded like a sheep. And as dad heard this, he could not help but exclaim the obvious.

“You’re not a sheep! You’re a boy!” dad shouted with glee.

“To me, he sounds like Peter Griffin (from Family Guy).”

“There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s laugh.”

“Adorable! God bless this baby!”

“I can’t believe that this video has got (so many views). It’s amazing!”

“We really should put away your phone at the dinner table. Here I am having my soup and came across this precious baby and my table is a mess. Nothing like a baby’s laugh.”

Fans online shared dozens of reactions to the boy’s funny laughter. Here are some of the most popular ones.

“He sounds like a little Chewbacca.”

Although the video is focused on the little boy, some viewers remarked that his sister is trying hard to be part of the action.

“That other kid is trying so hard to get noticed!”

Now that you’ve read all about this baby’s laugh, you need to see it for yourself.

What’s your reaction to this adorable family video?

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