Dad Lost A Video Game, So He Took It Out On His 1-Month Old Baby. Now He’s Going To Prison : AWM

Dad Lost A Video Game, So He Took It Out On His 1-Month Old Baby. Now He’s Going To Prison

A man from Louisville, Kentucky loved his video games. He played them whenever he had any free time to do so. They were what gave him the most joy in his life, and as much as he loved video games, he hated to lose at them. When he lost, he would fly into a rage, shouting and screaming and sometimes hitting things or throwing whatever was within his reach.

On the last day 26-year-old Anthony Trice lost at his video game, he flew into a rage as he usually did. However, this time was different. Instead of sinking his fist into a wall or smashing a set of plates against the tile – he smashed his video game controller into his infant son’s face and then punched him as hard as he could. The little boy was too small to take such abuse and died shortly afterward.

Now Trice has been charged with murder following his video-game-related outburst. The one-month-old son he killed had no hope of surviving what Trice did to him.

After he struck the baby in the head, the little one started crying from the severe pain and damage to his brain. At this, Trice realized what he had done and picked up the infant and tried to quiet him. He carried the newborn in his arms around the home until he got to the kitchen. Because the baby just could not be quieted – it was suffering more than it had ever suffered in its life – Trice gave up, dropped the baby to the floor like a load of potatoes, and then just walked away, wishing he could return to his video games and pretend this never happened. But unlike video games, you don’t always get a second chance at life – especially after you’ve beaten a one-month-old baby in the head.

The baby, whose name was De’Anthony later died from the severe injuries he received to his delicate skull. As a result, Trice has been charged with murder.

That day he lost his video game, Trice lost his entire life. Not only did he throw a video game control at his one-month-old son’s head, but he also punched the newborn, and then dropped him to the kitchen floor when he would not stop crying. He tried to make the baby a bottle but returned to find the one-month-old in serious distress. Only then did he call 911 and report what he had done to the infant.

When the ambulance arrived, they rushed De’Anthony to the Norton Children’s Hospital, where he was found to be in critical condition. Later he died from the injuries his father had caused.

The baby’s grandmother, Tonjia, has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money from the little baby’s funeral expenses.

“None of the family saw this coming, and they need help for funeral costs,” she wrote by way of explanation.

Trice had been charged with first-degree criminal abuse until his son died from the injuries and the charges were upgraded to murder.

He is in jail on $1,000,000 bond.

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