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Dad Makes Girl Shave Her Head As Punishment Without Talking To Mom

Parents are too soft on their children these days. Back a few decades ago, parents knew how to punish their children and knew when to do it. But the parents of today are more likely to spoil their little ones and ignore criticisms from other people, including authority figures like teachers, guidance counselors, clergy, and even the police. And while many parents are too soft on their children, others take the pendulum swing far in the other direction and simply go too far when it comes to punishing their little ones as this dad proved when he shaved his daughter’s head to prove a point.

As it turned out, the girl who was punished was sixteen. The dad decided to cut off all her hair because she made fun of another child who was going through chemotherapy treatment as she fought cancer.

“My ex-wife and I have a 16-year-old daughter together of which I have full custody (she has moved on with her new family). I mention this because, in what follows, I didn’t consult her mother, and that is the reasoning.”

With a preface like that, you know that this father is going to reveal a controversial reaction.

“My daughter recently got in trouble at school for making fun of a student that lost her hair from cancer treatment. Including pulling off her wig. Apparently, there is some pre-existing bad blood between the two of them, but I don’t think that even begins to excuse her behavior. Not how I’ve raised my daughter to treat people, and it’s truly disgusted me to hear how she acted from her deputy principal.”

That’s when the father continued to explain why he reacted the way he reacted.

“She showed no remorse. She tried to excuse her behavior by saying the girl in question deserved it. Again, I don’t care what she said, that behavior is inexcusable.”

The teenager girl who bullied the cancer survivor lived in the United Kingdom.

Because the father was furious with his daughter’s treatment of the chemo patient, he gave her two options. She could either throw away her electronics and never be able to get another one ever again.

Or “She will go to the hairdresser and get a cue ball haircut. As in, a completely shaved head, as bald as the hairdresser can do.”

As the father indicated, the no-electronics option was really just a way to coerce his daughter into choosing to shave her head.

She chose to lose her hair because her cellphone was just too valuable to her. But she was still very upset that her father was giving her such a dramatic punishment – one that she would have to live with for some time.

“As you can imagine, everyone thinks I went way overboard. Her mother went ballistic at me, saying it will make her the target of bullying (kind of the pint. Teach her some compassion). So yeah, obviously I’m NTA for punishing my daughter. What I’m asking AITA for going too far? I think it’s fair. I can’t stand parents that enable bullying because they refuse to see how their little angels truly behave.”

In your opinion, did this dad go too far?

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