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Dad Makes Her Walk 5 Miles To School In The Cold After He Finds Out What She Did On The Bus

One Ohio dad decided to follow through with disciplining his ill-behaved daughter. And now 39-year-old Matt Cox is being hailed an internet hero of parenting. Because Cox’s ten-year-old daughter was suspended from using the school bus last week because she bullied another student, he wanted to make sure she learned her lesson. While many parents today would side with their kid and simply drive them to school in the luxury of their warm vehicle, Matt Cox wanted to make sure his bully daughter knew that what she did was wrong – part of that meant she had to feel her punishment.

Walking five miles to school on a cold Ohio morning is not easy. And that’s what Cox from Swanton knew it was the right thing to make his daughter do. Because she had proven to him that she could not be trusted, Cox got in his warm car and told her to walk to school in the cold. He trailed his daughter Kirsten in his truck but refused to let her in because of what she had done to the other student.

Matt Cox’s daughter had previously gotten into trouble for calling other children names. She also blocked another student from getting access to the bus. Because Cox had already talked to her about what she had done and why it was wrong, this time had to be different. After Kirsten was suspended from using the bus, he decided that he was going to make he feel the punishment she earned.

After she was suspended, Kirsten told her father, with a sneer, that he would have to drive her to school for the entire week. He laughed in her face.

“I wouldn’t do one thing differently,” Cox said in an interview with Daily Mail. “I feel my daughter has learned a couple of valuable lessons and it has definitely opened her eyes as to just how much bullying affects people.”

As she walked to school in the cold, Cox drove behind her and recorded the “walk of shame” on his cellphone. He posted the video on Facebook with a simple caption that read, “Life Lessons.” Since he shared it, it’s gotten more than 16 million views.

After all the comments came in, Cox sat Kirsten and his two other children, 14 and 12, down and read the comments, so they knew how to act.

Cox hopes more parents will do the right thing and make sure their children get punished when they deserve it.

“I really had no idea it would take off like that but it has the entire nation talking so not only is it bringing awareness to bullying, which the more awareness that’s brought to the bullying epidemic the better in my opinion, but it is also bringing awareness that we as parents need to stand up and hold our younger generation accountable if we want to make a change in this country,” Cox told

He told WTVG-TV, “Parents need to hold their kids accountable. That was me showing how I hold my kid accountable. I’m not going to be another parent that’s just going to brush things under the rug and say kids will be kids.”

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