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Dad Posts Interview 10-Year-Old Daughter Has With Cat, Has The Internet Reeling In Laughter

There is evidence that the things that we like to do as children often turn out to be what we love and excel at as adults. It is for this reason that children love to participate in activities that mimic adult activities. Oftentimes children take on the roles of a school teacher, store owner, and mom or dad because they want to act like adults and immerse themselves in the roles of their moms and dads.

They say that when we are children we naturally do what we love, so if you loved reading books as a child, then there is a good chance that you love it as an adult, even if you may not have as much time for it. If a child loved a certain sport or activity, then they most likely will love doing that activity as an adult. Maybe it’s dancing or singing or playing soccer. As children, we do what we love and it’s as simple as that.

Surely you’ve heard the saying…”If you love it, it never feels like work.”

Ten-year-old Gabi loves writing. She is a big fan of J.K. Rowling and spends a lot of her time creating stories and interviewing select candidates. It’s not surprising that Gabi wants to be a writer when she is older because she is already nailing the tasks involved with being a greater interviewer.

She decided that her cat Coco would make a great subject and she felt the need to highlight Coco’s likes and dislikes when it came to where she wanted to be pet.

“Gabi saw diagrams online people had drawn of where their cats like to be petted and where they don’t like it,” Gabi’s dad,  Paul said. “She tried to draw her own but wasn’t satisfied with it so she did the interview instead.”

In an intense answer-question interview, Gabi gets behind the truth and exposes Coco’s love of pets on the head and her dislike of pets on the belly…

Me: Coco, can I rub you on the head?
Coco: Absolutely!

Me: The back?
Coco: Sure.

Me: The tummy?


Me: The legs?

Coco: No!

Me: The tail?

Coco: Absolutely not!

Me: The butt?

Coco: Is there something wrong with you? This interview is over!

And there you have it. Gabi’s interview pulled out emotion, got to the point and answered questions that hadn’t been answered before.

Gabi’s proud dad, Paul Duane, shared the one-on-one interview on Twitter and viewers got a kick out of the young girl’s drive and creativity.

One commenter shared their praise for Gabi’s work…

“Well done to Gabi, and if course, the magnificent Coco!That’s one cool CAT!!”

Hopefully, Paul keeps this interview, so Gabi can look at her early work when she is a big-time news reporter or novelist. Sometimes it takes going back to who you were as a child to really determine what you love as an adult. If you ever feel lost, just go back in time and remember the days when writing and reading was fun and make them fun again.