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Dad Put His Baby On The Train, Went Outside To Smoke. Moments Later The Doors Closed

Sometimes, there are just more important things than smoking a cigarette. It’s undoubtedly a straining task to care for a child, so it might seem like having a smoke every once in a while is a pretty fair trade. However, if smoking is supposed to calm and relax you, then how would it feel if that smoke break caused you to leave your kid alone on a moving train?

Security footage was shared with CCTV recently that documented a father in Ohio carrying his child in a baby carrier onto a train at Windmere station. After the father tucks the child in, he slips outside for what he plans to be only a quick cigarette break. A relaxing, calming few puffs.

Unbeknownst to the father though, a passenger beside the child in the carrier recognizes that the train’s doors are about to close. He starts knocking on the window to get the father’s attention, but when the doors start actually closing, the passenger gets out of his seat and sprints toward the door, alerting the father in the loudest way he can.

Pretty soon though, the train pulls away from the station with the father still smoking on the landing and the child now fatherless on the moving train. The father can be seen sprinting after the train in the security footage, doing everything he can to get the conductor’s attention, but the train keeps on going.

Luckily, another passenger approaches the conductor and explains the situation. The driver immediately reverses course and makes her way back to the station to reunite the child with her father. It’s clear that both passengers deserve some praise here, don’t you think? They were both alert enough and aware enough to make sure this catastrophe didn’t go even further.

When the father was finally reunited with his child, he began speaking to the conductor and, according to her, started “menacing” her. While the Regional Transit Authority investigation didn’t back up the conductor, social media sure did. Go ahead and type this story into your Twitter search box. You’ll see that people are pretty confident that the father is the one at fault here for his careless parenting.

@DaveA_33 on Twitter said, “DWorst nightmare? This is completely the father’s fault. Who leaves their baby on a train while they step outside to smoke? Child services should pay this idiot a visit ASAP.”

The transit authority later coached the conductor for not following proper communication procedures. From the sound of it, both parties are at fault in the situation but one more so than the other. What if no one had seen the father leave the child there? Did you really need to leave your baby behind like this? I hope the cigarette was worth it.

In today’s day and age, it’s not surprising to see random acts of violence and evil taking place. But random acts of danger—by parents? It just doesn’t seem fair.

Have you ever witnessed anything traumatic involving a child like this?

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