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Dad Sees His Daughter’s New Hair Color, Chops it All Off To Teach Her A Lesson

Parenting involves making an absolutely astounding amount of important decisions. From what food you feed them, to what clothes you buy them, to where you live and where you send them to school, each of these things can have an impact on how they develop and grow into young adults. Some parents give their kids too many options, raising children who can’t make decisions.

Other parents are incredibly strict with their kids, not letting them make any of their own decisions. Those kids can have trouble making choices of their own as well, so it’s really about finding a middle ground – as it goes for the vast majority of things in life.

One Ohio father is now on leave from his firefighting job because of his choice of discipline, and many would agree that he stepped far over the line.

His daughter was treated to a new hairdo by her mother about 3 weeks before the incident and she was so happy with her beautiful bright highlights. Christin Johnson was happy enough to treat her daughter because it was her birthday. But even that special event didn’t stop her father from doing something absolutely insane.

To Christin’s astonishment, when Kelsey came home one day from her father’s house her hair was cut incredibly short, almost military-style.

“This is what my daughter looked like on Sunday when I took her home… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” Christin wrote in a heartfelt Facebook post.

Johnson is saying that Kelsey’s father and stepmother did it as some sort of punishment for the child, which has led to local child services investigating the case.

Police Chief Colby Carroll described the bizarre report to Fox 8, saying, “I’ve been doing this since ’92 and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this. Mom was upset with how her child was being cared for – lack of better terms.”

The father and stepmother both work at the same fire department apparently, and both have been put on temporary leave until the situation is worked out. It’s hard to see how this will pan out positively for the father, but there isn’t much case law on a situation like this so it’s really anybody’s guess.

Christin brought her daughter back to a salon and picked out a beautiful wig to wear while her natural hair grows back. She probably won’t be forgiving her father any time soon, and hopefully there will be some restrictions the next time he is lucky enough to see her.

Being a parent means you are in charge of the child, but it doens’t mean that kid is your property to do with as you wish. Far too many parents forget this fact and overstep their bounds in the name of “punishment,” as if cutting a girl’s hair off will somehow teach her a lesson.

It is far more likely that the father wished to punish Christin through his treatment of Courtney, and a person like that doesn’t deserve to have the privilege of raising a living, breathing human being.

Do you think that Courtney’s dad far overstepped his bounds as a parent, or was this a fair punishment in your opinion?