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Dad Sets Up Camera In His Car To Capture His Dogs Flipping Out When They Hear Where They’re Going

We all know that dogs love to go on outdoor excursions. And it brings a smile to our faces to watch dogs show off their excitement without any pretenses. That’s why dad was doing us a favor when he set up his camera on the dashboard in his car to show us how excited his four dogs got when he told them they were going someplace special.

In the clip below, you’ll get to watch this man treat his dogs right. Not only is he taking time out of his busy day to get them in the car and take them to their favorite place, but he also films it so we can all join in with the joyful moment.

The man in the video has four dogs, which are all German shorthaired pointers. They’re in the car, eager to see where their dad is taking them. Like most dogs their size, they can be gentle giants, which only becomes more obvious the longer you watch the video.

When the time is right, the owner turns around and asks his four dogs, “All right Y’all, where are we going?”

Dogs can be more clever than they appear. So as soon as the man asks this question, the dogs know exactly where their beloved owner is taking them for an excursion. They could not be happier. They have no hope of curbing their excitement and burst into a joyous “dance” that all gets caught on camera.

So many people have watched this video. And the reason for all the views is simple. People like to watch dogs get happy. It just brightens up your day.

The dogs’ dad wrote a bit about the video and the day he filmed it:

“One day this past summer I decided to take my dog and my parents’ dogs out to the quarry where they have been going since they were all just little puppies. Every single time they are taken to the quarry when they are just around the corner, they start howling because they are so excited and this time was no exception. They don’t stop until the vehicle is parked.”

Although dogs don’t have as good a memory as humans, their memory is very strong for certain things. An assistant professor of animal sciences at Oregon State University named Monique Udell spoke to Live Science about how a dog’s memory works. And it is rather remarkable. She claims canine memories are tied to specific needs, including food.

“If someone walks by a trash can and throws away a hamburger, you might not see it anymore, but (dogs) can remember that there was a hamburger, and they can look (for it in) the last place they saw it.”

As for going to the quarry, the four German shorthaired pointers have associated the drive with going for the excursion. Dogs often associate places and behaviors with certain things. That’s why dogs know to come running when they hear the sound of the can opener.

Watch the video to be delighted.

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