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Dad Sings To His Deaf Son, But The Next Thing That Happens Causes Dad To Completely Lose It

No parents want their child to have a problem they cannot fix. So when dad learned that his son was deaf and there was nothing he could do about it, it broke his heart. He wanted to be able to fix his son’s hearing and help him experience the world fully. But because Judah was born just 23 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy, all dad Zach Oxendine could do was pray and watch the doctors do their best to save the little boy who weighed just one and a half pounds at birth.

Little Judah also had bleeding in his brain. Doctors did their best to stop it as fast as possible. But they could not stop every complication. Judah also suffered from a horrible lung disease, cerebral palsy, and it was soon discovered that he was deaf. But through all the difficulty and challenges, Judah keeps a smile on his face. Zach wishes he could do more for his little boy, but he has to keep up a strong attitude and keep his boy motivated for the future.

Despite the challenges, Judah shares many magical moments with his parents. But the latest one left Zach in tears.

While dancing around the living room with his son in his arms, Zach started to sing “Boy” by Lee Brice. Although he knew that his beautiful boy could not hear the words nor the melody, Zach wanted to shower him in music nonetheless.

The Oxendine family loves music, and they play something every day. They have eclectic tastes. They love classic, country, hip-hop, rock, Caribbean, and everything in between. So it was not a surprise when “Boy” came on the radio – and that Zach knew every word to the popular tune.

But as Zach picked Judah up and began to serenade him, he had no idea that a magical moment was about to be caught on camera. Zach knew that his son would not be able to hear him, but he had underestimated Judah’s ability to recognize that the moment was special.

After some dancing, Zach took a seat on the couch. Judah peered up at him with his bright eyes, then he gave his dad the one thing that could brighten his day no matter what – a big, loving smile.

Judah’s smile got through Zach’s tough exterior and pierced his heart. It was the sweetest thing dad had seen, and he did not have the willpower or the desire to resist the tears of joy that started streaming from his eyes. Despite his son’s hearing impairment and other disabilities, the little boy finds it in his heart to enjoy life as it comes.

This heartwarming moment is going to make you tear us as well. You’ll watch as the little boy brings so much joy to his parents’ lives despite facing so many problems himself. It is as if the weight of the world cannot hold Judah down. He is a strong, courageous boy with so much love to give.

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