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Dad With Twins Has An Unexpected Reaction When The Doctor Shows The Latest Sonogram Results

Robert and Nia Tolbert had a big family already with a son, Shai, and twin boys, Riley and Alexander. Two years after the twins were born, they got some surprising news — Nia was pregnant again! The surprise didn’t end there, however, as they laid eyes on the ultrasound at the doctor’s office and were asked if multiples were common in their family.

Could Robert and Nia be expecting twins again?

According to WUSA 9, Nia discovered they were pregnant with another set of twins, but when she left the exam room and returned from the bathroom, she got another interesting bit of news — they were actually having triplets!

The nurse pointed out: “There’s three. Baby A. Baby B. Baby C.”

Nia and Rob were in shock. Though both of them have multiples in their families, they never would have believed they were set to have triplets, which are quite rare in natural pregnancies, especially after having twins.

Nia discovered that she has a rare condition called hyperovulation, with more than one egg ovulating at a time.

When she told her husband they were having triplets, he was definitely in a state of shock. He explained: “Oh I passed out. I hit the bed. I blinked twice, when I woke up I saw that some time had elapsed on the clock.”

With this exciting piece of news, they started guessing what the babies’ genders would be and decided to have a gender reveal party, where they were yet again surprised. With three sons already in the family, it was an exciting reveal to find out they were having three girls.

They stood before their friends and family with a giant balloon between them holding the secret of one baby’s gender. With a count to three, Nia gave the balloon a pop and a sprinkle of pink confetti exploded out while their guests screamed with excitement.

Nia did a happy dance and Robert seemed slightly stunned, then beamed with a smile as he hugged his beautiful wife. Then it was on to the second balloon — same story, pink confetti again.

On to the final balloon, where Robert decided he had to sit down for this one and, when the balloon is popped, the pink confetti rains down on him.

Afterward he remarked, “I never thought I’d have three girls,” adding that has wife “has been dreading having three girls.” When asked why, she answered, “oh my god, what do you mean why… have you met a girl?” Then they all shared a laugh, as she further explained, “We’re like, really complicated.”

Robert also shared his excitement over the news, as he noted: “The house is officially balanced now, because the three boys they flock to their mother. They want to defend her. They don’t give her a second to breathe or do anything on her own. Now I have my own little posse. They will follow me, and protect me, and take care of me.”

Among the many comments their gender reveal video received were those who wished them well and were excited for the large family.