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Daddy Gives His Baby Girl A Goodnight Kiss, Shocked By Her Reaction

There’s a video circulating the internet that has people around the globe smiling. It features a daddy and his baby. The little one is fast asleep, and dad is watching over her like a protector. However, he cannot resist disturbing his newborn baby. He leans forward and gives the little on a kiss on the cheek. As soon as he touches his lips to her face, the baby’s face widens in a happy grin – it is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

The baby’s name is Emily, and she loves getting kisses from her dad. The clip was initially picked up by Ellen DeGeneres by her Facebook page called EllenTube. As you’ll see when you watch this cute clip, the baby just keeps smiling every time dad leans forward and plants a kiss on her cheek. Emily does not wake up, but she knows she is loved and is very content right where she is – in the safety of her father’s embrace.

Thousands of people shared comments after they watched this clip on Ellen’s Facebook channel. The comments were all positive, except for the bizarre outlier here and there, and we’re providing a sample of what people wrote below.

“Baby likes kisses from her Poppy,” wrote Paula.

Sheila added, “Daddy, you’re always going to be late for work from now on.”

“Melt my heart. That is absolutely precious!” wrote Tabatha.

“That’s what Anastasia is doing when I kiss your tummy, Franchesca Annabelle,” a dad by the name of Buddy wrote.

Pat added, “Adorable, Daddy, and baby love. can’t beat it!”

“The best things in life are from moments like these.” – has there ever been a statement truer than this one from Vicki?

A lot of people claimed that this video reminded them of their time with their babies. Because babies grow up so fast, parents have to try to savor these moments before they’re gone. Times change and life as a baby is fast and furious.

Thankfully, this dad and his baby girl Emily were caught on camera sharing an absolutely heartwarming moment. If the camera had not been rolling, dad would never have been able to see how cute Emily’s reaction was to each one of his smooches. Besides, it will forever be a video that their family cherishes as will a lot of internet users who did not get a chance to videotape their precious moments with their little ones.

My daughter is a toddler now. She has grown up so fast. I remember the stage of her development when she was as small as Emily. Kissing her chubby cheeks was just about the best thing in the world. And while I don’t have video of her smiling as I kissed her, I’m sure she liked it as much as Emily does. For a baby, there is nothing quite like knowing and feeling that parents are nearby. It ensures safety and security and makes them feel loved and wanted.

What do you think about this cute clip shared on EllenTube?

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