Dad’s Response To Ultrasound Results, ‘I laughed. I just, I was laughing, I couldn’t help it’ : AWM

Dad’s Response To Ultrasound Results, ‘I laughed. I just, I was laughing, I couldn’t help it’

Having a baby is an unforgettable experience to say the least. Going in for check-ups and ultrasounds can be nerve-wracking and difficult for expecting mothers, as the worries that something may be wrong are often overwhelming. Kylie, with her husband Phillip, already had one daughter, so they thought the second pregnancy would be much easier. They also knew that each of them had a family history of twins, so they were prepared and even excited for that eventuality. What they were not prepared for was what happened on the first of many ultrasound appointments.

It wasn’t twins but quadruplets!

Kylie was pregnant with four babies! They needed to expand the number of cots they’d bought and everything else necessary for their next children. They’d hoped their daughter, River, would have a set of twins to play with, but they never expected she’d have four new siblings.

The couple had been trying to expand their family every since they had tied the knot. But, as it is for some people, they hadn’t succeeded for a number of years – until River was born. River brought such joy to their family that, a few years later, Kylie and Phillip were ready for more. Having a history of twins in one’s family greatly increases the potential for twins again, and both Kylie and Phillip’s families fit the bill. But while some couples are scared of twins, these two were so desperate to expand their family – and loved kids so much – that they were hoping for more than just one baby!

It took a while, but finally, Kylie came back with another positive pregnancy test. She and Phillip couldn’t wait to find out if they’d hit the lottery and gotten twins this time. Instead, they’d won an even bigger and rarer lottery – the chances of getting pregnant with quadruplets are 1 in 700 000 pregnancies!

When the ultrasounds started to come through, the couple turned white with shock. It is not every day you see four children growing inside of you! The doctors, too, were dumbfounded and it took a long time to make sure that there really were quadruplets inside Kylie. Even though they had been hoping for twins, the shock of quadruplets was a lot for Kylie and Phillip. In that moment they were not sure they would be able to cope with such a challenge. They also could not come to terms with the odds that conceiving four health babies were just 1 in 700 000. In speaking with Fox 10, Kylie admitted that the news knocked her flat. She began to laugh hysterically, for that was all that could be done at the time.

Despite the couples’ nervousness, Kylie successfully delivered the four babies and now their family is six-strong! The quadruplets are named Amelia, Damien, Gideon, and Theo and they’re all developing into healthy babies with the help of their older sister River and their lovely, lucky, and brave parents Kylie and Phillip.