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Darci Lynne Showed Off A Hidden Talent On Stage That Had The Judges Up In Arms

Darci Lynne is a 15-year-old ventriloquist from Oklahoma. She’s made quite the name for herself after wowing the judges of America’s Got Talent Season 12 and taking home the grand prize. How a young girl could sing with her mouth closed was just so preposterous to the world that they couldn’t help but vote for her, but it wasn’t until recently that she showed the world that she could do something else too.

Darci Lynne is one of only a few people to have ever received the golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent. The golden buzzer is given to the contestant who wows one judge so much that they decide that they don’t want any other judges to make a decision—if the buzzer is pressed, the contestant automatically makes it to the next round. It’s such an exciting display when it happens.

Darci’s performances have always been nothing short of amazing. She’s got a whole string of puppets she uses who have their own personality and who all have different singing talents. Of course, it’s all coming from this multi-talented 15-year-old, but play along with me for a while won’t you?

Petunia is Darci’s most popular puppet. As Darci likes to say, “She’s a diva, and she likes to win.” The crowd always takes to Petunia with all of their heart, because there’s nothing quite like seeing a white and pink rabbit with an attitude and glowing confidence.

But little did they know, Petunia hadn’t shown the judges anything yet. Darci asks, “What do you want to sing this time, Petunia?”

And Petunia says, “Italian opera.”

Wait until you see the look on Simon’s face when she says that Coming from a singing competition background, Simon will definitely be ready to assess this Italian opera as if it wasn’t coming from a puppet—he always makes sure that the song gets the credit they do or don’t deserve. I got nervous after watching Simon’s reaction.

Since Darci (or Petunia) has never sung opera on the show before, you could understand why everyone would be so surprised. Opera is a completely different skill from singing other genres of songs, but right when Petunia opens her mouth, you can tell this is going to work.

She sings “O Mio Babbino Caro” (or “Oh My Dear Daddy”) and wow oh wow. She can really sing. Once you pay attention to Darci’s strain in her neck, you can tell that she is working so hard to get the sounds out all while keeping her mouth closed. And guess what—she does it!

This sound is truly incredible, and the judges can’t help but stand, applaud, and share their biggest praises with her. Simon even tells her that he thinks she is going to win tonight after her “best ever performance.”

Not too bad for a fifteen-year-old from Oklahoma, don’t you think? A victory at America’s Got Talent: The Champions would do wonders for this girl’s already impressive career.

What were you most impressed about in Darci Lynne’s performance?

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