Daughter Releases Photos of Father’s Head Injury Suffered To Help Raise Awareness : AWM

Daughter Releases Photos of Father’s Head Injury Suffered To Help Raise Awareness

A man’s daughter is firing back after a bouncer who punched her father was given a light sentence of just two year’s jail time. To support her argument, she’s released photos of the horrifying fatal head injuries her father suffered. Kirsty Taylor’s father, Scott, was left paralyzed and in need of constant care from the blow from Neil Hotchkiss after an argument broke out in August 2012 at a bar when her father took a drink outside. He died four years later from the head injury and aspiration pneumonia, Daily Mail reports.

Hotchkiss made a last minute plea change to manslaughter, receiving a lighter sentence for the attack. Kirsty responded, saying, “It’s disgusting what’s happened. Hotchkiss will be out soon, while I’m left with just my dad’s graveside to visit. I feel sad that this is a closed book now – there’s nothing more I can do. I want people to understand the damage a punch can do. It can change – or destroy – a life.”

After Hotchkiss, the bouncer at the bar, punched Scott, he fell to the ground and hit his head. Bystanders called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital, where part of his skull was removed to relieve pressure and later replaced with stomach fat.

Kirsty noted: “The first I heard there was anything wrong was when police knocked on my door at 4am, telling me to come to hospital quickly. It was a miracle he even made it through that night. But he was never the same again.”

She added:

“At first, we weren’t sure exactly which parts of his brain had been damaged, so it was a waiting game. The effects were more physical than mental. Though he had problems with short term memory, he could still recall everything before and who all of his family were. Dad absolutely loved life but he struggled with how much things had changed.”

Her father’s health was a concern following the attack, as he fought with bouts of pneumonia, had a stroke and developed epilepsy. He required 24-hour care after suffering a seizure while home alone, when he fell off his bed, and was unable to answer the door.

Kirsty believes her father’s attacker has no remorse for the incident which ultimately led to Scott’s death, explaining: “Hotchkiss’ defense lawyer said he’s sorry, but I don’t believe that. He changed his plea at the last minute, making us wait and worry for months that we’d have to sit through a trial. He wasted our time and the court’s time, just to buy a bit for himself. I desperately wish there was something I could do to change the sentence.”

She added:

“I want people to think of him as he was before the accident – so happy, a lovely family man.”

Those weighing in with comments on the Daily Mail’s report of this story were collectively disgusted with the man’s light sentence, with one person noting: “This whole thing has truly turned my stomach. Horrific and a complete insult to this man and his family. Nobody should suffer such catastrophic injuries leading to around the clock care and death. For the culprit to then be punished only for two years. Vile.”