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Daycare Worker Kills Baby When She Gave Her Pills To Make Her Take A Nap

For the parent-daycare relationship to work, parents have to be able to trust the people who work in the daycares. Because parents are handing over their most prized possession – their child – they want to know that daycare workers are loving and caring individuals. That’s a logical assumption that many parents make. You wouldn’t think that mean-spirited or cruel individuals would look for a job in daycare since it would clash with their personalities and who they are as a person.

Unfortunately, just because a person is a childcare worker, does not mean that they are kind or a good person. There have been too many horror stories involving daycare workers and babysitters for anyone to be so naïve. However, parents don’t always have many choices. Daycare is very expensive. It’s like paying a second mortgage. This means that parents are left with limited options when they have to find a daycare to send their children to.

While they may not be able to expect perfect care from daycare workers, they should be able to expect safety for their child. That’s the whole point. Parents want to be able to bring their kids somewhere they’ll be safe, get food, and perhaps learn something or socialize.

But when the family of this six-month-old baby trusted a 53-year-old daycare worker from Vermont, it cost the life of the tiny baby. The daycare worker, who might have entered the profession with optimism, had lost all hope in ever getting to have an easy day. Because she wanted things to go easy for her – at the children if that’s what needed to happen – she loaded the babies up with sedatives so they could take long naps.

Although it is unclear for how long this 53-year-old daycare worker had been providing babies with drugs, this time things went wrong. The infant died while being put down for its nap, and authorities are doing their best to investigate the case.

The parents of Harper Rose Briar could not believe it when they got a call informing them that their baby had died in her sleep. She had been in the care of the daycare for only three days. But on the 24th of January Harper Rose died. Now her parents Blake and Marissa Briar are struggling to adapt to life after the death of Harper.

When Harper was loaded with drugs, the daycare worker found the baby not breathing. She was taken to the hospital where the rescue workers could not get her breathing again. It was horrible.

Because the 53-year-old daycare worker had loaded baby Harper with sedatives, rescuer workers were unable to counteract the effects of the powerful drugs.

When the autopsy results came in, Harper’s death was ruled a homicide. That’s when the daycare worker was arrested.

Now the family started a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her funeral.

“She was a vibrant, beautiful baby girl. She was loved by so many people. (January 24) a six-month birthday she was dropped off at daycare. Happy and healthy, smiling big like she always had. She truly was a happy baby.”

Then the daycare loaded her up with drugs and killed her.

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