Deaf Woman Tumbles 300ft Down A Mountain. When The Rescue Team Arrives, They Realize She’s Not Alone : AWM

Deaf Woman Tumbles 300ft Down A Mountain. When The Rescue Team Arrives, They Realize She’s Not Alone

When 21-year-old Amelia Milling went out into the wild, she didn’t know fear. She jumped from rock to rock as she climbed through Crow Pass Trail which is about thirty miles outside of Anchorage, Alaska in Chugach State Park. Like most young adults, she thought she was invincible. But as fate would have it, that day Amelia would fall some three-hundred feet down the side of a mountain.

But falling down the mountain was not the only complication that Amelia had to deal with when rescuers came looking for her. She is deaf. And that made it impossible for her to hear the rescuers approaching.

The fall happened when Amelia was already four miles into the hike. While she was on the mountain, her trekking pole snapped suddenly. It was not something anyone could prepare for. It was a freak accident. But it forced her to suddenly lose her balance and sent her tumbling down the side of the mountain for three to four hundred feet.

The fall severely injured Amelia. Thankfully nothing appeared to be broken, but as she sat up to check herself over, she realized she was not alone.

A large white wolf stared back at her with hungry eyes. The wolf came closer and closer. Amelia was in full-blown panic mode by this point and didn’t know what to do.

Then she noticed something about the wolf. It had a collar on its neck. This was no wild wolf, this animal was someone’s pet dog. It just happened to look like a wolf, and after falling three hundred feet, Amelia was too disoriented to consider that option.

After her realization, Amelia knew the white husky wanted to help and not hurt her. The animal got close enough for Amelia to look at its collar. On it, she found the dog was named Nanook.

With the help of the dog, she set out to find her way back to the trail.

As it turned out, Nanook was no ordinary husky. He was a trail guide dog and was the best partner she could have met after falling down the mountain.

Because the fall set her back many hours, Amelia had no choice but to set up camp for the night. Thankfully, Nanook was by her side to make things better and safer.

When she awoke the next morning, she was relieved to find the dog by her side. She packed up and then set out to get back home. But a raging river was in the way. Less than twenty-four hours after her fall, Amelia tried to cross the river, but its strong currents pulled her under. Thankfully, Nanook was able to help. If he wasn’t there, Amelia could have died.

The white husky grabbed Amelia by the backpack and pulled her to safety. Only after she nearly drowned did Amelia decide to call for help. She pulled out her SPOT beacon, which is a GPS device that communicates with rescuers. Within a short period of time, the Alaska State Troopers arrived to pull her out of the wilderness and back to cozy society.

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