Delivery Man Sees “Bright White Thing” In Road. Then A Cry For Help Makes Him Slam The Brakes : AWM

Delivery Man Sees “Bright White Thing” In Road. Then A Cry For Help Makes Him Slam The Brakes

While a newspaper delivery man was out on his route, he found the most startling thing. It was a Monday morning, and the last thing he wanted was something to throw him off his routine. However, when the young man came upon the bizarre things in the middle of the road, he could not help but stop and check it out – it was calling to him as if it was an act of divinity.

Newspaperman Aurelio Fuentes Jr. will never forget that Monday morning for the rest of his life. He said he remembers seeing “a bright white thing” on the road as he was going about his paper route. He approached is slowly because he feared that it might have been an animal. But then the most shocking thing happened – it started crying, and that’s when he realized it was a human baby abandoned in the road and left to die.

The little baby was wearing only a onesie, which was soiled through. Its parent had left it on the asphalt road in Madera County in Fresno, California with no hope in the world. If Fuentes had not come by, the little baby would never have survived the horrific conditions it had been put through.

Because Fuentes has a heart of gold, he picked up the crying baby girl and rushed her to the place she needed to go. He took her first into his car to keep her warm and then dialed 911. He needed professional support because this situation was way out of his realm of experience. He had no idea how long the baby’s parents had abandoned it to die on the Fresno road. But he knew that it needed immediate medical care to make sure it was not hurt and could survive.

Then he saw the horrifying truth. The baby still had its umbilical cord attached. That meant the mother must have abandoned her shortly after giving birth. But whether it happened hours ago or just minutes before Fuentes appeared on the scene, the newspaper man had no way of knowing.

Fuentes remembers it as an “awful, chilling moment” when he found the abandoned newborn baby.

Another witness told another tale. They said that a woman behind the wheel of a white SUV stopped a man walking along the street and asked him if he could help her.

“She asked if he could take her child,” Undersheriff Tyson Pogue said. The man was shocked. The woman was trying to pawn her newborn off on a stranger. He told her to go to the fire station or a nearby Valley Children’s Hospital.

Fuentes came by that same area and found the child not long after that interaction.

“If there was another vehicle, that baby would have been badly hurt (or killed),” he said.

When he found the baby, he had delivered just 40 out of his 130 newspapers. He still had work to do. But finding the baby took an emotional toll on him, unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He hopes the subscribers understand why he couldn’t finish his route.

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