In a recent interview, Demi Rose opened up about her sexuality and abusive childhood. The internet superstar shocked fans when she confessed that she “likes girls and boys” as the 27-year-old model revealed the intimate details of her romantic life. Demi Rose initially rose to stardom after her romance with the celebrity rapper Tyga – and although she became famous for dating a man, she confessed that she is open to dating both women and men in a new question-and-answer interview with Daily Mail.

A follower of Demi Rose posed a question for the young model that got right to the point: “Boys, girls, or both?”

Rose replied, “I went through a phase of liking girls more than guys. Now I’m more into guys. It just depends.”

While Rose admitted that she has bisexual tendencies, her interest in people goes beyond being just skin deep. She yearns to find a partner who is “inspiring, honest, well put together, a deep soul that’s open-minded, kind, ambitious and thoughtful” – to name a few requirements of the other person she would seek out in a relationship.

In a 2020 video, Demi Rose previously admitted that she was raised as a child “with abuse as a child.” But during a more recent online post, Rose clarified that the type of abuse she had to deal with while growing up was “parental abuse” that left a big impact on the person she is today.

A fan asked, “Growing up, was it hard to be Demi Rose?”

The superstar model replied, “Growing up, it was very hard getting bullied in school, having parental abuse, and then at the age of 17 becoming a full-time carer for my mother who had a heart attack, which caused a stroke, and she became disabled, wheelchair bound. She was disabled for seven years, and then both of my parents then passed away four years ago. I get misjudged a lot but honestly, those who meet me say I’m the nicest, and that warms my heart. I’m grateful for all the bad because it made me who I am. I now have so much empathy for going through what I have.”

Demi Rose has previously spoken out about how important it is for people to live their best life.

She wrote, “I feel it’s important to feel your emotions, understand them, let them out and experience them. I like to think that whatever that may happen to me has happened for a reason. That I’m a vessel. So I can inspire and help those who have struggled too. I haven’t opened up too much about my struggles because I have always still been dealing with them. I wanted to get to a strong place first to talk on them.”

What do you think about Demi Rose’s view of the world? Are you surprised to learn that she likes both boys and girls?