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Desperate Kids Are Now Sneaking To The Doctor To Get Vaccines Without Their Parents’ Consent

Children often idolize their parents. It’s natural. They listen to their parents’ opinions and understand them as truths, and they get all the answers to life’s questions from them. That’s why they’re often considered a child’s superhero. However, parents are only humans too. Kids are learning the hard way all across the world that their parents might actually be putting them in danger.

An anti-vaxxer is a person who is opposed to vaccination. Oftentimes, they take the form of overly careful parents who have read news articles online and forwarded emails about the horror stories of vaccinations. Since vaccinations must be agreed on by a parent, anti-vaxxers make the final decision not to vaccinate their kids. According to some doctors, these people are putting their kids in unnecessary danger.

In 2015, Jimmy Kimmel made a video for Anti-Vaxxers called, “A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement.” He goes on to share a statistic about, “In LA, there are schools in which 20% of the students aren’t vaccinated because parents here are more scared of gluten than they are of smallpox.”

While the video is surely meant to get laughs, it also shares quotes from real doctors talking about anti-vaxxers and the harms of listening to online media outlets. The doctors in the video team up to say the following statement: “Potential downsides to vaccinations are almost nonexistent. The cumulative scientific and medical communities are in absolute full agreement that there is basically no reason not to vaccinate your kids.”

Sometimes kids figure out that they are not vaccinated, and they turn to the internet to do their own research. Some kids may agree with their parents, but others might not—and they’re starting to think it’s not fair that they didn’t get to choose.

They are beginning to turn to the internet to discover how they might be able to get vaccinated by themselves. While laws vary from state to state, kids usually have to wait until they’re eighteen in order to get a vaccine on their own.

There’s an entire Reddit thread about kids who are trying to get vaccinated without their parents finding out. Sometimes kids are paying out of pocket just so that their parents won’t find out through their health insurance plans. Talk about something a kid shouldn’t be worrying about. Other children are being kicked out of their parents’ houses for doing it without their permission.

Regardless of whatever you believe, it’s important to remember that not only are parents real people with their own singular opinions but that kids are too. If they choose to listen to doctors, then maybe it’s important to let them do that.

Some people are recommending that kids have a conversation with a medical professional while also letting your anti-vaxxer into the room. Let’s just hope that they discover the truth from medical professionals so that they can protect themselves from measles, polio, and other vaccines.

What do you think about vaccinations?

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