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Divorced Couple Moves Back In Together With Their New Spouses And Six Children

When Kate Blackmer divorced her husband, she’d never think she’d be moving back in with him. And while that did happen, it happened after she remarried another man. But Katie did not divorce twice. Instead, she and her new husband moved into the same house as her ex-husband and his new wife – and now this unconventional Tennessee family is raising their six kids as a blended family unit.

Katie first married Stephen years ago. But they were very bad together. Their relationship turned to mush, and they decided to end the nightmare in divorce. It was a decision that suited them both better anyway.

Over time, Katie dealt with the turmoil related to her split with Stephen. They shared joint custody of their three kids and did their best to keep things amicable “for the kids.”

However, Katie met a new man and remarried in 2016. Her new husband, Ben, came with a son of his own. The boy is a teenager, which was great for Katie because she was done raising small kids. Katie welcomed Ben and his son into her home. That meant she had to balance her new husband, his teenage son, and her three children. It was hard. That’s when she realized that she needed Stephen’s support as a co-parent. Stephen proved to be a magnanimous man, offering to pick up the slack wherever he could – including doing a lot for Ben’s son.

Just as things were flourishing, Stephen had a tragedy. In May 2017, Stephen and his brother got into a car accident. While Stephen survived, his brother passed away. Doctors said that Stephen would need around the clock care – and his family was going to have to step up and handle it.

When Stephen was released from the hospital, Ben and Katie welcomed him into their home with open arms. He healed so quickly because he had so much support and love from his ex-wife and his ex-wife’s new husband. He recovered and decided to stay living with the couple and their children.

But then things took a twist. Stephen started dating again and met a beautiful woman named Brandy. Instead of getting jealous, Katie was thrilled that her ex-husband had found love. But not only that, Katie really liked Brandy. And that’s when the four adults had the strangest idea. Why don’t they all just live together in the same house? As if they were characters on some sitcom or other?

And do you know what? That’s exactly what they did. Brandy moved into Katie’s home and brought her children with her. Now the four co-parents and their six children share a strange life together in one home in Tennessee. While it most certainly is not a conventional existence, it works for them, and they love being so close to each other.

It’s amazing how life can work out for people. What works for some people would never work for others.

What do you make of this unique living arrangement among the two couples? Could you do this?

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