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Do You Spot The Animal? Can You Solve The Puzzle Taking The Internet By Storm

What seemed like a rudimentary sketch of an old-man turns out to offer much more mystery than meets the eye.  This profile sketch went viral on social media sites as people began to realize he is missing an ear and has a rather strange moustache – clearly something was up. Those responsible for the sketch insist only 1% of people will be able to decipher the animal in the picture within 2 minutes.

Are you able to spot it? Do you think it’s only part of an animal head rather than the whole thing?  Did you spot it within two minutes?  Doing these kinds of experiments are a fun way to keep your brain active and your eyes a flutter as the day rolls on.

The test is just like one of many optical illusions being shared around the internet these days.  These optical illusions might be inspired by psychological testing material because it’s true that psychologists do a fair amount of visual cue testing.

Have you ever heard of the Rorschach test? 

It’s a psychological test in which a patient interprets what they see in different inkblots on paper.  These interpretations are recorded and analyzed by the psychologist.

But don’t worry, this face is not some kind of psychological assessment.  It’s merely an optical illusion meant to surprise people and expand their minds!  Can a face really look like an animal when looked at in a different way?  After seeing this face we know that it can.

Since it’s not a test, there is no pressure to try and get it in under two minutes.  If you do get it, then you can count yourself in the 1% of people who have incredible skill at analyzing complex images.  You would make a great forensic psychologist or computer programmer (if you are not already one!).

And since it’s all for fun, we will give you a hint to help you succeed (because we really want you to succeed!)

Pay special attention to the right side of the man’s head.  It is from this odd-shape that you should approach the image.  Think of all the features of the face in relation to this starting point, and begin to see what two pieces match together.

We also suggest looking up animal images on Google to get an idea of the shape, size, and contours of animal heads you think might just be the one.  The more you search, the closer you will come to understanding the cartoon-like design of the man’s head.

Don’t worry about doing a little research on the side – no one said it was out of bounds.

Take it as the starting point for interpreting the rest of the shapes – and if you’re lucky, you will be part of the hallowed 1%!

Think you have it down?  Share it with your friends and see what they find.  It may be that you all see a different animal, which in itself is quite exciting.  Perhaps you all have subconscious biases towards certain types of animals you know better than others.