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Do You Think High School Student Deserved To Be Suspended Over Answers On Test She Gave?

We all know that high school kids like to fool around. But when kids take things too far, they have to face the consequences. And that’s what happened recently to one 14-year-old teen after she fooled around on her high school sexual education quiz. Did she take it too far, or is this another example of kids being kids?

When her older sister, 21-year-old Jordan Fridman, saw her younger sister’s quiz answers, she burst out laughing. And because she thought it was hilarious, she snapped a picture of the sister’s quiz and uploaded it to Imgur for everyone’s enjoyment. Now the image has gone viral as thousands of people are laughing along with Fridman as they read through the teen’s hilarious answers to the sexual health quiz. Check it out now!

Fridman posted the image last week. And it has recently gone viral. Below the image of her sister’s quiz, Fridman wrote:

“My then 14 year old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class. I’m so proud of her.”

The assignment directions were simple. Students were supposed to provide “appropriate” reasons why a partner would object to using a condom. While the quiz was intended to be an educational tool to prepare young women and men for safe sex, Fridman’s sister saw it as an opportunity for comedic gold. And as you read through the girl’s answers, they are without a doubt – hilarious – but they also are good reasons why someone who refuse to wear a condom. Check out her solutions below.

The quiz was set up with a sentence and a blank line next to it. The students are supposed to read the sentence and then write an appropriate response to that excuse.

“Don’t worry; I’m on the pill,” the prompt begins. In response, the 14-year-old wrote, “I don’t want AIDS.”

“I’m clean; I don’t run around, and I don’t have any infections.” The teen wrote in response, “Go f*** yourself.”

“Condoms don’t feel good. It won’t be natural,” the quiz suggests. The girl shot back with, “Being pregnant doesn’t feel good either.”

“By the time you put a condom on, you’ve lost the mood,” the quiz shared. The girl wrote back, “And when you don’t put one on you get a little baby and AIDS.”

“I feel stupid buying condoms, and trying to hide them from my parents,” the quiz wrote. She responded with, “You’ll probably never have sex.”

“I’d be embarrassed to use one.” She wrote, “Look at all the f*** I give!”

“Condoms are gross; they’re messy; I hate them,” the seventh example reads. “So are babies,” she wrote.

“Just this once; we hardly ever have sex,” wrote the test. “Now you know why,” she wrote.

“I don’t have a condom with me.” The 14-year-old shared, “I don’t have my vagina with me.”

“They cost too much,” the test wrote as an excuse for not having protected sex. “STD treatments and babies cost more.”

The internet has fallen in love with this young female comedian.

Do you think her jokes are funny? Did she deserve to be suspended?