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Doctors Are Just Now Discovering How Dangerous Vaping Can Be For Your Body

The evidence that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health is overwhelming. There is no logical person who could contest it. As a way to get around the health risks, the tobacco industry came up with a creative solution to get people to purchase their nicotine products still. They were able to get rid of the “smoking” part of the process and replace it with a new mode of taking nicotine called “vaping.”

Because all the scientific studies focused on smoking, the tobacco conglomerates were able to manipulate their way into the market and avoid much of the negative press concerning cigarette products that already exist.

However, doctors and scientists were onto the tobacco companies. They doubted that vaping was a “healthy” alternative to smoking. To the contrary, the experts suspected that it would be just as bad as smoking if not worse. But until they had proof how bad vaping was for your body, the tobacco companies would shove as much marketing money as they could into it and get as many people hooked as possible. Although they deny it, many of the vaping advertisements appear to be geared toward teens and young people.

How does vaping work? It’s simple really. The device heats up a nicotine-rich liquid and converts it into a vapor, which can be inhaled. Then the user exhales the puff, which resembles smoke and is usually scented.

Unlike smoking, which uses fire to burn the tobacco product, vaping uses conductive heat to active the addictive nicotine so the user can inhale it.

A small scientific study has found that vaping can be harmful to lung tissue. The study comes from researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK. They asked several non-smoking participants to expose their lung tissue to these “vapors.” When the lung tissue came into contact with the vapors, it became inflamed, and the alveolar macrophages began to fail. That means they struggled to protect the immune system. These alveolar macrophages are essential to lung health. They help remove toxins from the air we breathe before it gets into the vital lung tissue. But as you can imagine, when the researchers found that vapor essentially deactivated this essential function, it became clear that vaping is not a safe alternative to smoking – at least not as safe as the tobacco conglomerates want young people to believe.

The lead researcher on the study was Professor David Thickett. He wants consumers to know the risks of vaping. Even considering the small number of test subjects, the risk was high. And he encourages others to conduct similar research into vaping to clarify just how dangerous it can be for the young people it attracts as well as those turning to it as a “safe” alternative to quit smoking.

Besides this research study, the coils in the vaping device are also harmful. When they heat up, the chemical reaction gets inhaled through the vapor.

Be careful with any tobacco product. Despite what the large corporations tell you about it being safe, it might be putting your lung tissue in danger.