A new garlic trend has taken TikTok by storm. The popular trend encourages people to stuff their nostrils full of garlic cloves as a trick to help unblock their sinuses and clear their nasal passage – but doctors are not happy about this. Although the Chinese-created TikTok platform has been pushing the video out to millions of viewers, health professionals have shared their warnings about the garlic clove trick and how it could prove negative for your overall health.

Thousands of people reacted to the video in different ways. Many people contributed comments about the health trick and shared their opinions on whether or not it would work to help someone improve their health. Some people are worried that this new TikTok trend might not be as useful as people might think.

“That’s enough TikTok for today,” one person wrote.

“It’s going to irritate it,” another added. “Just cut it up and keep it next to your pillow.”

“Does this actually work?” someone asked. “I have really bad hay fever.”

“No thanks,” one person wrote. “I know I accidentally inhale through my nose, and the garlic disappears.”

“Just sniff a fresh horseradish paste, like everyone else.”

Some people didn’t want to see the visual demonstration of the life hack.

“Girl, we didn’t need the last bit. We would have still believed you.”

“Okay, you could’ve just said it worked, and we would’ve believed you… the snot.”

Some people thought it was a trick not worth pursuing partly because it was promoted on the Chinese-created platform.

“This is where TikTok reaches its limit,” wrote one viewer.

“But don’t you just have that garlic smell all day?” one person asked.

“Keeping this video in my back pocket for later colds,” one person said.

However, doctors are furious that this new trend has gone viral on TikTok because IT IS NOT SAFE.

Dr. Neil Bhattacharyya, an ear, nose, and throat doctor, told Shape that you should not jump on this TikTok trend because it is not going to work for you.

“If you do this enough, the body will start to react to the oils and chemicals in the garlic and cause contact dermatitis in the nose,” he told Shape. “Some garlic cloves are really strong, and if you get enough leaching of the chemicals and oils into your nose, it will definitely irritate it.”

The trick can also result in a trip to the emergency room if the clove of garlic remains stuck in your nostril. During his interview with Shape, Dr. Bhattacharyya made sure people knew that sticking garlic cloves in their noses could result in a sticky situation.

“Garlic has a strong smell, and when it starts to irritate the nose, you’ll definitely have some mucus drainage,” Dr. Bhattacharyya added. “You may feel like, ‘Wow, something is mobilizing,’ but in reality, you’re just reacting to the compound.”

While doctors don’t buy into this life hack idea, TikTok is more than happy to promote the idea.

Do you think garlic cloves can help relieve stuffy sinuses or symptoms of a cold?

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