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Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out Why She Was Sick. Then They Looked In Her Coffee Maker

For six long months, a mother in Michigan kept getting sick. And it wasn’t just a runny nose the whole time. She was experiencing physical pain. The cause was something so mundane most people would never consider it – her morning coffee. Now Stephanie Brauns wants you to know the dangers of using a coffee maker every day for your pick-me-up.

It took her some time to get to the bottom of her issue, but when she looked into her coffee maker, she realized the answer had been there all along. And it made her sick to her stomach.

Before Stephanie started looking for the cause of her illness, she knew that something was affecting her. That’s when she decided to get to the bottom of it. After the incident was done, she told WXYZ that she always started her day with coffee. Little did she know but this common daily habit came with some malicious side effects.

“It’s interesting because I always have my coffee at home, and within three sips, I sometimes have severe reactions.”

Stephanie would be doubled over in pain after a few sips of coffee. She would struggle to keep her breakfast down. Nevertheless, she refused to give up or change her coffee habit. She simply endured the punch-in-the-gut pain for six months.

Finally, enough was enough. And she knew that she had to figure out why she was suffering so much.

Then her friend forwarded her articles about mold growing in coffee pots. The friend had heard about Stephanie’s severe reactions and symptoms and wanted to help. Although they had not seen inside her coffee machine, they suspected that was the problem.

So what did Stephanie do? She ripped off the top of her coffee machine.

As soon as she saw the insides of the machine, Stephanie knew that was the cause. Inside was a disturbing find that was not safe for humans to consume. Although her coffee maker instructions never told her that she needed to clean her device, she realized they should have told her. She had been drinking tainted coffee for half a year. She felt betrayed.

Years of calcium had built up in the top of the coffee maker. But that mineral was not all. She also saw a brown substance that looked like mold growth. Her worst fears had come to fruition. She was drinking coffee mold all along.

Stephanie’s machine cannot be cleaned easily. Fortunately, most coffee makers can be cleaned.

How? Grab some white vinegar and run it through as you would when making coffee. Vinegar will help break down calcium build up and disinfect the rest of the maker.

Stephanie wants other people to learn from her pain. And she left viewers with a message:

“You need to be able to clean that area.”

Run a vinegar cycle at least every month to keep your coffee maker clean and free from mold.

If you don’t, you could wind up doubled over in pain like Stephanie was.

Did you know that your coffee maker could be a breeding ground for mold?