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Doctors Thought The Delivery Of Their Baby Went As Planned, Then They Look At Her Tongue

Each human being is unique. One of the most amazing things about people is that they are always capable of surprising you. Although people fall into routines and can become predictable, we never really know a person until they are pushed to the edge. If they are faced with a dire situation, how will they act? Is your father-in-law capable of committing a crime in the name of someone they love? Is your own mother?

Just as everyone is different psychologically, we are all different looking. Some of us have black skin. Some have white skin, some have brown skin. Others have green eyes, black eyes, and brown eyes. Our ears are all different sizes, so are our noses, and our tongues – just take a look at Gene Simmons from KISS, who rose to fame partially because of his massive tongue.

But when a newborn was delivered, doctors were stunned to see the child with a rare genetic disorder called Beckwith Weidemann Syndrome. This congenital disability is only present in about one out of 11,000 births. The disorder causes the baby’s body to result in overgrown parts.

And in the case of the baby girl named Paisley, she had an overgrown tongue. And because she had the genetic disorder, doctors admitted that the girl had the biggest tongue they had ever seen on a newborn.

Paisley’s mother, Madison Kienow from South Dakota was just as shocked as the doctors were to see the baby’s massive tongue. And when doctors told her that the baby had a rare genetic disorder, Madison was heartbroken. She turned to God and prayed that the baby would soon grow and her mouth would become large enough to hold the much-too-big tongue of the baby.

But the going was tough. Paisley continuously choked on her own tongue. Doctors used a breathing apparatus to keep the baby alive during her first week after delivery.

And Madison had to watch Paisley very closely for the next six years of her life. She needed to help the baby go through teething when she constantly bit down on her large tongue. And she had to help her try to speak.

But when Paisley turned six years old, Madison had decided enough was enough. She took the little girl to see the doctors again. This time, she wanted her daughter to go under the knife and deal with the massive tongue head on.

Doctors proceeded to cut off part of Paisley’s tongue. And as Madison asked, they cut off about two inches of the little girl’s tongue. But their efforts were fruitless. Her tongue quickly started growing back to its massive size.

Because Madison was desperate for her little girl to be normal, she took her to the hit show The Doctors where they interviewed her and tried to help her figure out how to help.

As you watch the video, your heart will go out to the young girl who was born with the oversized tongue.

Our prayers go out to her.

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