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Doctors Tried To Diagnose Her Sickness For Years. Two Guys In A Truck Show Up And Know Immediately

Some illnesses, unfortunately, defy medical explanation. While she couldn’t be diagnosed by a doctor, one woman did get a surprise diagnosis from some contractors who were working on her home. They weren’t doctors, so how did they know? Kathi Wilson, 41, was battling a mysterious illness that her doctor couldn’t figure out, despite getting many tests, seeing specialists, and trying various medications.

They finally discovered what was wrong with her when contractors who were hired to remodel the bathroom showed up. Strange, but true.

It turns out that Kathi was slowly being poisoned over the last decade, as she saw her physical condition deteriorating. She could barely walk and suffered agonizing flu-like symptoms that left her severely fatigued and sleeping away the days. Her daughter told Inside Edition: “Over the years it kept getting worse and worse.”

Her doctor, Dr. Mary Beth Hensley, further explained: “”[She had] cardiac testing, chest x-rays, MRI’s [of] the brain, the spine, to see if something was related. I felt we were very thorough, but didn’t come up with a solution.”

The men arrived to do the remodeling job that Kathi had decided would be a nice treat for herself. They discussed what the required upgrades would be, which included redoing the shower, laying tile, and giving the vanity a revamp. They also planned to replace the old water heater… and that’s where they made a surprising discovery.

When they went to remove the old heater and install the new one, they found that the heater and furnace that had been installed 10 years earlier was done so incorrectly and it had been slowly leaking a small amount of carbon monoxide.

The contractors contacted Kathi to let her know what they had found and she suddenly realized that she had the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. She couldn’t have been more thankful that she had her bathroom remodeled and that the men had discovered the issue that had been plaguing her for so long.

Kathi told Inside Edition: “I was shocked” and once the contractors fixed the connections, she started to feel so much better. “I feel great,” she said. “I haven’t been this happy in I can’t tell how long.”

Kathi was grateful that the contractors were there and that they finally solved the medical mystery that had left her in such poor health, saying: “I want to thank you guys for giving me my life back.”

Among the comments left on the Inside Edition video about Kathi’s story was one person who noted: “That is terrible when no one knows what’s wrong with you. Going to doctor after doctor with no relief. I am happy she is doing much better and has her life back.”

Another commenter could relate, sharing: “I know how that feels. A contractor hooked our heater up wrong after cleaning our chimney and we were all getting sick. Not too long later we went to have more work done and it was discovered. Our mystery was found and solved because we had to have it fixed again.”

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