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Dog Tied To A Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day In The Horrid Heat

Not everyone is cut out to own a dog. Unfortunately, it seems that most everyone and their momma wants one, which does not always bode well for canines. Although it is probably better for most dogs to live with a family than to spend their days in an animal shelter (especially those of the “kill” variety), there are some situations that are worse than a state of perpetual homelessness.

Although some families beg to add a dog to their brood, they don’t always know how to treat it like it is one of the family. Not only can these people be cruel to their animals, but they can also trap them in tiny cages or on short leashes that make a life for them utterly miserable. That’s what was caught on camera from Telolopan, Mexico when a dog was put on an extremely short leash that required it to stand on its hind legs or else choke to death via the short chain.

Because the video shows the dog in a precarious position, people around the world are shocked and scared of the treatment of animals in Mexico. The dog was shown suffering and hanging from the short chain by its neck. The owners of the dog are said to live in the neighborhood of Emiliano Zapata. However, the word owners imply that they treat the dog like an honorable being, which is obvious that they do not.

The chain that tied the dog to the wall was so short that he could not stand or sit down, let alone relax. Imagine if a person was hanging from the gallows while only able to touch their toes to the ground. That was the type of position that this dog’s owners left the pooch in.

Although people were concerned, the dog’s owners show no remorse or worry about how they treated the canine. They proclaim that the dog’s “welfare” has been amply taken care of and that the “dog is doing fine” despite being hanged by its neck in such a precarious way. If the dog had simply slipped and fallen, it might not have been able to right itself and thus have strangled to death via the tight chain.

People were outraged and turned to social media to air their rage. For example, a person named Julia wrote, “Dog on a short chain made to stand on back legs all day! Cries in the heat every day. Leaving him strangled and choking 24/7. The dog and his owners live in the neighborhood of Emiliano Zapata in Telolopan, Mexico.”

Although people in the neighborhood have begged the owners to treat their dog with more respect, they refuse to honor those requests. They believe that humans are better than other beings on the planet and that humans should be able to do whatever they want to animals.

Nevertheless, the image of this dog strangling via a short chain has sparked rage around the world.

What do you think about the image shared here? Do you think there will be justice for the dog?

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