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Dog Trapped In Hot Car Cries Out To Stranger For Help

While a woman was going about her business, she heard something strange. It sounded like the barking of a dog. The woman, Tina, was with her own dog and was worried that the barking animal was unwell. But she could not find it. She looked around, not seeing the animal, and although the whining sound was bothering her own canine, she kept going, kept looking for the distressed animal that was apparently suffering.

When Tina rounded the bend, she saw the horror. The barking dog was trapped inside a hot car with the windows rolled almost all the way up. It was dying for hot air and desperate for anyone – even a stranger – to come to help it. It was terrifying and did not want to die.

On that particular day, the temperatures had reached 90 degrees. In the hot cat, it would have felt even worse. The dog was running back and forth. It was frantic to escape the trap of the hot car where its owner had sentenced it to death

The first thing Tina did was what anyone would do – she tried to open the doors. But the vehicle was locked like a safe. There was no way inside. That’s when she did the only other things she knew how to do – she called the police and reported the animal trapped in the hot car.

While the police rushed to the scene, Tina took out her phone and started recording the suffering dog on film. She wanted to gather the evidence to use against the perpetrator when the time came. Video footage shows exactly how

As Tina put the camera toward the dog, she watched in horror as the animal’s life started to slip away from it. The heat was so extreme that the poor animal had little hope of making it unless the police arrived and broke it free in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, the brave deputy Kelly Fosler arrived and took action. She forced the car door open and allowed the dog to breathe its first breath of fresh air in far too long of a time.

When the dog was free, Tina gave the dog water. It had already sought the comfort and security of shade under a tree. Because the animal was slurping up water like it was oxygen, Tina knew the dog had been trapped in the car for far too long. If the dog had not been freed by Tina and Deputy Fosler, then it would most certainly have perished in the extreme conditions.

Deputy Fosler told Tina that should take it from here. And eventually the owners arrived, but their response was the last thing people expected.

The owner simply said, “I don’t care.”

Fosler tried to explain how the dog would have died if it had not been found when it was. But she could not convince them to care at all.

The man shouted at the deputy, “You guys have nothing better to do other than harass people like me and my dog?”

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